Clear visibility for Actual song and states in Live Performance mode

When playing live it would help me that I can see fast and quickly where I am in the song, i.e. which song and what state. As I have to change many times I may make a mistake and be in the wrong state.
Previously I played for a while with Mainstage and I remember that that feature was quite nice.
Is there a possibility to change the screen for live performance in this sense or to make something for that?


Have you got the Ticker bar switched on?

This shows current song and song state and you can change the size of the text to make it very easy to see (select the text in either line (highlight in blue) and use the pg-up/pg-dn keys to change the size of the text). It shows in both edit and live views.

I’m away from the computer right now and can’t remember off that the top ofy head how you toggle the visibility of the Ticker bar but it’s more than likely somewhere in the View menu.




This is where LiveMode and the ShowNotes view excel: I typically work in the table view, with a lot of information on my screen:

For live or rehearsal view, I simply hit F5, and things look like this:

So in big and friendly type, I see right away that I have loaded the right song, what state I am in and what state comes next.

I use variables $(SongTitle), $(State), $(NextState) in the Show Notes of all my song templates, so I don’t need to edit manually. The other (white) lines are there to remind me what is allocated to my upper and lower keyboards and whatever else I need to know, and they are state-driven, so they may change over the course of the song.

Wouldn’t want to go without my live view!


Hi Toaster,
thanks, I should have found that myself,…
is there a way to change the colours in the ticker bar?

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Now the ticker bar does not disappear anymore, not with the menu and not typing “/”. Other bars I actually cannot toggle as well, e.g. the metronome, on screen keyboard.
I have the latest version installed:

  • Experimental: [Cantabile 4 Build 4157 (x64)]
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Hi Torsten,
looks wonderful! I’m going to study on this!

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I now changed the ticker bar state in the settings.json file, but that may not be the ideal way to do this,

SHIFT+ESC with focus on the ticker bar.


Thanks Torsten H.

it is actually written in the menu,…
Nevertheless it might be an idea to make the other short cuts toggle the bars, or to have it somewhere written in the manual or short key list.
Let’s say, it was easier for me to find the setting in the setting.json than in the menu, probably because I really did not expect it in that place.

thanks anyway,

I learned it the hard way by keep forgetting and frantically going through the menu :slight_smile:

You are not alone :slight_smile:

Hi Torsten,
how did you get all that nice colours?

Right click on the text and you get a color selection:


Slightly off topic - but I think still somewhat related.

I find that, as a keyboard player, we get asked to play many different parts, sounds, etc., and it can get confusing. Using the song states is great, but at times it is hard to keep track of things, and I need to work more within Cantabile more (as I memorize the tunes) so these stay in better sync.

Regarding splits, I actually use an Excel sheet. I’m pretty geeky, and I had hoped to automate this a bit but as it turns out it’s easier just to do it manually. For now I put this at the bottom of my chart (Finale with the PNG added in).

You’re aware that Cantabile can display these keyboard zones automatically on the on-screen keyboard, right?


I did not know that. How do you make it go?

I’ll look deeper into it. Originally it didn’t work for me as well because the:
a. It was pretty small on screen
b. I couldn’t figure out how to include splits from my local (non VST) synths.

I’ll ionvestigate further.

Set the color and whether to display in the Routing control for each route you want to see on the Onscreen Keyboard.


Regarding (b), if you mean displaying splits on keyboards unrelated to Cantabile, I guess you could set up some dummy zones in your Cantabile setups, with a certain colour, to represent the splits on the other keyboard(s). But it might end up being confusing. as Cantabile represents them on the same graphical keyboard.

Hi Neil.
I see markings in the highlighted colored line on the onscrren keyboard, indicating,in addition to the color chosen, the name of the vst: how do you get them?
Screenshot  for names