Chord pad emulation?

I was wondering if there is a way to emulate “chord pads” in Cantabile. Basically, some way to trigger an entire (user programmable) chord from a single note or event.

I use this on my Kronos with the help of a NanoPad. For every program or combination on the Kronos, I can store 8 chords that I can trigger from the top 8 NanoPad pads. This is a function of the Kronos, not the NanoPad, to be clear. This is more useful than it might seem - for each pad you can set the channel and a combination of up to eight notes. You can play back with velocity sensitivity or turn it off. Possible applications are, for instance, triggering an arpeggiator tightly or, what I mostly do, triggering fat two handed synth chords, leaving one hand free for filter cutoff control.

Is there any such feature in Cantabile? I saw that VIP 3.0 added such a thing so it seems it’s not entirely outside of the realm of apps like this.

No need to have this function built into Cantabile - simply insert a MIDI chord plugin like Chordz in your MIDI route; you can then use song states and plugin presets to have different chords associated with your pads for say verse, chorus, solo…





only in case you not only need chords but also arpeggios cthulhu from xfer records ( might be worth a look.

Regards, humphrey


Excellent, thanks guys!

Nice vst, chordpad !
We can almost create a fully retirement house keyboard setup :wink:
Looper, Chordpad, samples, … just need some accompaniment vst now with rhythms :slight_smile:

I just checked, bandstand is kinda like that but it’s a GM midi player.

Hm, it’s offline…