Changing tempo & time signature with bindings in a rack

For over a year I have been putting together songs and then into set lists every week, usually 5 songs. I play synth at my church every Sunday. The downside is that I can’t carry over a sound from song to song. This week we’re doing an acoustic set and it’s really important that I can play non-stop. So I’m trying something new.

I’m putting my songs into racks. Then instead of a set list I’m just using one song with 5 different states. Here’s the problem I’m running into. Since we play with a click track, it’s important that Cantabile’s tempo and time sig are the same as the song I’m playing, so that anything that syncs is in time. I’m trying to get the tempo/sig to change when I switch to the next song state/rack.

I’d like to bind these settings in the rack itself so that I don’t have to program as much every week. I have the bindings set up in the rack, but I can’t seem to figure out how to make them fire when the rack/song state is active. In my screenshot you can see where I’m at. I need to be able to go from the “Yes I Will” state/rack to “How He Loves” state/rack and have those bindings fire.

Any ideas? TIA!


(I guess I don’t know how to upload a screenshot)

For the binding source use “Rack” “On Load” ?

Thanks, I tried that. I’ve tried a bunch of options. I’m stumped.


  1. Rack -> On Load ain‘t work as the rack is only loaded once when loading the song

  2. I gave this a try: one binding (for the song, not inside a rack!):

SongStatus -> On Load -> Metronome -> Tempo

Here you can store an individual tempo for each state.

Most important: don‘t forget to set checkboxes in „State Behavior Bindings“ (the box bottom left). Otherwise C3 would not remember dedicated temposettings for each song state.

Hope this helps,

regards, humphrey

It is helpful, but I was trying to embed the binding in the racks so that I didn’t have to program them more than once since the rack is basically acting like a song in a set (song states). If there were a way to get a rack to trigger the tempo & time signature bindings when it is active, that would work. Unless there’s another way, it looks like I would have to program tempo/time signature into the song states every week.

Of course, another solution would be to have all plugins from all songs in a set to be active all the time so that I can move from song to song without any audio interruptions, but that’s something I’ll just have to ask @brad to put on a wish list. :slight_smile:

I think what you want to do is make sure all your plugins are loaded for every song in your set. I play 40-songs a night and can load EVERYTHING.

That eliminates the load time when you go from song to song.

For a five-song set, your approach should work–I assume you’re just loading up something like The Giant plus a track, but for more complex setups, loading all your plugins is faster.

As far as I understood he refuses to organise everything in songs and setlists with preloaded content (which is what I do) as he doesn‘t want audio to be cut off when changing the song…

Not refusing ;). I do normally put songs into a set list and pre-load the plug-ins. But I am looking for a way to be able to play plug-ins while switching songs. I did that yesterday by putting my songs into racks and then into one song. Using song states I can play non stop. But the programming time goes up using this method. Gig Performer pre-loads the plug-ins for songs and lets you keep playing, but it’s not nearly as robust as Cantabile. I don’t want to switch.

Uh, sorry, my bad (just had a look at a dictionary and you‘re right: „refuse to“ definitely wasn‘t what I wanted to express…:zipper_mouth_face:)

My intention simply was to explain why you don‘t use setlists and songs.

Kind regards, humphrey

No problem at all! :slight_smile: It gave me an opportunity to explain my situation again.

For the Church gig I used to do, I used basically the same 8 racks. They mapped to 8 sliders on my Keyboard. I used song states to adjust the volume. I did also use Songs depending on what was going on. In retrospect, I should have considered putting Korg M1 into the Background rack to hold a pad/piano/strings while changing songs. Just one dedicated VST as the “hold through” chord/pad/MIDI file. That way the songs would be selectable and repeatable, with a little twiddling to the M1 settings.

I did put a VST into the background rack once and routed a 49-key controller to it so I could do some blending for a special service. It worked fine, but having another keyboard in my rig was one too many (I use two 61-note controllers).

The setups I use for each song are usually pretty complex. I’m use as many VSTs as I need to in order to get the job done. Lots of layering and spitting, in addition to using the pads and faders on my keyboards. I wish I made life more simple on myself and just used one or two plugins that I could mix using the keyboard faders or a Korg NanoKontrol. Maybe I’ll settle down someday :wink:. In the meantime…