Cantabile performer 3 jbridge issues

Hello there,
this is Davide, from Italy. Total n00b relating to Cantabile (but skilled on other daw software).
I definitely have a big problem with Cantabile 3 and jbridge.

Starting from scratch, i installed a fresh copy of Win7 x64 on a laptop. I then installed my VST’s (95% are 64 bit ones) and the installation worked flawlessly. Cantabile recognized them all and everything is neat and clean.

Problem is related to a single x32 VST (which won’t be ported arguably on x64 architecture): the plugin is “Stringer v2” from Sonic Projects:

As told, the plugin is a 32 bit but for me is absolutely required as it has all the Pink Floyd’s patches i need to use on my tribute band.

Reason of writing is because i installed Jbridge (latest version) as described, following carefully every step. Nonethless, i still can’t see the plugin inside Cantabile.

Any help would be AWESOMELY appreciated!!!

Thank You all so very much and excuse me for my bad english

Davide (from Italy).

Hi Davide,

Go To Tools>Options>Plugin Options>Vst Plugins and Press Add…
Find the folder with your 32 bit plugins and add it to the scan list, it will scan the plugs and put in the list if they are valid. jbridge only has to be installed, you don’t need to convert any plugins like with a DAW. Just point at them (the 32 bit plugins) with the option above and that should work.


Hello Dave,
first of all, thank You so very much for your kind and prompt reply.
Unfortunately now i have this error:

"The module Bridger64 has caused a non-recoverable error and forced Cantabile to shutdown"
Context: loading plugin …\Stringer 2.0.dll .

You can help fix this by sending us a diagnostic report for analysis…

Well…2 steps forward… 1 step back :frowning:
Nonethless thank You so much for your help.


Hi Davide,

Maybe the developer can help from here for Cantabile it’s @brad and for jbridge its @umd (Joao). they will help you sort it out.

Hello! :slight_smile: I am jBridge’s developer.

fuztec25, I tested Stringer 2’s demo here and could not reproduce the issue, Cantabile 3 detected,scanned it and opened it successfully, which version of jBridge and Cantabile are you using?

Hello Joao!
First of all, thank You SO VERY MUCH for your courtesy and responsiveness!!!

Actually i’m using a build version of Cantabile 3 Performer (v3149 x64) and Jbridge v1.74 . Stringer is at the latest version (v2).

Windows is a fresh clean install (drive formatted)

To better explain everything, here’s the setup i’m using actually…

Acer Laptop (core i7)
512 GB SSD
Audio board: Tascam US-1800 (with latest x64 drivers)
Nektar LX88 controller (usb connected)
Ilok dongle (usb connected)
eLincenser dongle (usb connected)

All USB devices are connected on an Amazon 7 ports USB hub (w/ its own power supply thus not using USB power from laptop)

My DAW is Reaper (latest version)

As told, thanks a lot for your responsiveness, forgive my bad english and most of all, thank you for your support.


Hi! You’re welcome! :slight_smile: I hope we can get that sorted.

Could you try this version here:

And let me know if the issue remains?

ps: no worries, your English is fine!

Thanks a lot Joao. Later this evening will try it immediately.


ooops… Can’t download from the link (as i am not a registered user right now. But i might become… :slight_smile: ).

Sure, let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. :slight_smile:

Joao, i still can’t download from the link you sent me. If i can’t download i can’t test if it works or not…


Hi! Could you pm your email address?