Cantabile and Jbridge

Good morning,
surely the topic of this post will have already been extensively addressed … unfortunately I have not been able to search the community
to find an answer, surely my fault!
It is a question of understanding why 64-bit cantabile does not allow me to see the 32-bit VSTs generated by Jbridge, I put the converted vst in a folder, and loaded the folder in the possibility that cantabile reads it and loads it in the list of VSTs , cantabile doesn’t see VST inside it can someone explain me why?
I state that these converted VSTs are correctly recognized by another 64-bit program Make music Finale, which is not really a Daw, so the problem must be attributed to Cantabile…
If anyone has any pointers on this, thanks in advance!

Have you added that folder to the VST folders being scanned by Cantabile?

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Sure, but Cantabile Sees the Folder but not its contents…

Hi @ChanteChat,

you do not need to jbridge the 32-bit plugin for Cantabile to see them. It is enough that jbridge is installed on your system and that the folder contaning the 32bit plugins is listed among the Cantabile folder plugins.


P.S. look also here

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Ok I understand thanks!

During some installations from scratch, a weird thing happened to me:

  • Installing Cantabile after Jbridge, fine.

  • Doing the opposite, the presence of Jbridge is not detected.

This is a random issue and I didn’t find out the reason.

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