Cantabile not finding Bluetooth MIDI port?

Hey all —

Has anyone gotten Cantabile working with Bluetooth MIDI? I’m using a Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth MIDI dongle. It doesn’t show up on the list of MIDI ports in Cantabile, although running the MIDIBerry utility on the same computer (Lenovo Yoga with Win10) communicates with the MD-BT01 just fine.

I’ve heard Windows 10 support for Bluetooth MIDI is not very complete. Do i need something like a CME WIDIBud in order for Windows to recognize that there’s a MIDI device running on Bluetooth LE?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I am using Livid Guitar Wing with Cantabile, on W10, and it works alright, however always via the dongle provided by the manufacturer. I’ve tried to connect it directly via BT, no success at all. Losing the dongle is one of my nightmares :wink:

I just created a tutorial video on how I got Bluetooth MIDI to work with Cantabile (you need to do a little bit of virtual wiring):

Although there actually is a Bluetooth-MIDI API for Windows 10…

…it’s not yet widespread in the Windows eco system’s music software, because every developer has to implement it explicitely in his software.

If you feel like this should be a built-in feature of Cantabile, you could upvote in Trello: