Wireless MIDI products

I’ve never measured it Neil but have not noticed any lag. Battery life is extremely good too.


Just got my Alesis Vortex 2 yesterday they are so cool and trying to figure out how to send song changes from it any ideas ?

Hi there,
I have V1 but I think they are fundamentally the same. I’ve set up a bindings in C3 for next song and next state. Then assigned 2 of the pads on the Vortex to achieve this via the learn function in C3. BTW, useful to set up a midi panic binding as well in case you get any stuck notes whilst away from your laptop. Hope that helps but let me know if you need more detail.

How do you set up a midi panic button using the vortex and cantabile

Hi Corky, don’t know if you’ve figured it but this is the easiest way:
RIght click on the ‘All Sounbs Off’ icon top right - triangle with shriek inside it
Create Binding and press the pad that you want to assign and that’s it.
Best to do this in the Global Rack bindings so that it’s available all the time.
Good luck

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Here’s a Tutorial concerning Korg nanoKey Bluetooth MIDI:

i had a Zendrum with the MIDIJet Pro option.
and i wouldn’t trust it live.
latency was generally fine and range was good.
it’s just that sometimes it would get ‘clogged up’ for a second or two and send the buffered notes in a clump.

So the consensus to date is there’s nothing out there that works well for live performance?

We’re almost in 2020 and nobody had adequately met this need?

I am going to have to start a new biz. :smiley:

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I use the vortex v1 with midi over WiFi allot on stage and i love it.
I even bought 2 of then.

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I use an Alesis Vortex 2 and I’m very happy with it. It’s proved reliable and capable.

Hi all,

Nektar brings out new version of high speed blue tooth MIDI solution Here



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That all looks like re-badged CME offerings (of which I have the WIDI Bud Pro and a clutch of WIDI Masters, and am suitably impressed with).



Yes I have CME widi master too.

It works great with win 10 and cantabile.

I made an axiom pro 25 totaly free with a simple CME widi.
Latency is quite weak and it’s payable.
If someone interested I can make a video.

Which Bluetooth adapter can you advise

No special… Just the widi master on the keyboard. And native blutooth on my pc…

But I’m eager to know how It would work with a widi bud pro on PC. Surely less Latency…
As soon I get one, I’ll let you know.

Last night we first began using a pair of CME WIDI Buds to link two of our rigs, such that changing Song/State on one laptop changes the other to save the other player having to do it himself - and also change in sync with the Timeline.

All worked perfectly.

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Hi everyone.
I would like to ask a question since I am interested in the topic of wireless MIDI.
I currently use cables for my two keyboards whose latency I think is quite low.
The question: could you tell me how the latency of my two MIDI-USB cables could be displayed? I have always been curious about these values and would like to know if there is a tool, a way, to know the actual latency of my two cables.
I am considering for this reason the usefulness of possibly replacing the cables (which always break…) with these Wireless MIDI devices.
Any ideas, suggestions?

Do you mean that you connect your synths directly via USB cables or do you mean simple USB-MIDI interfaces like this here:

These are essentially “classic” serial MIDI interfaces with cables attached.

Since the MIDI baud rate is 31250, one byte takes 320 microseconds to transmit (8 bits plus start/stop). So roughly one millisecond transmission time per note - so chords are actually millisecond arpeggios :sunglasses:: when you play a three-note chord, it takes three milliseconds for all three notes to arrive and be played. Compared this serial protocol latency, all other USB driver and interface processing is pretty much neglegible.

When you connect your synths directly via USB cables, there’s no slow serial MIDI inbetween, so things can be much faster (as long as the receiving device is able to process at that speed).



Torsten, hi.
The question is also whether my MIDI-USB cables would be less fast if I used a Widi Bud Pro. If so, I would be inclined to purchase.

I formulate the question better:

MIDI-USB cable
WIDI Flex + Bluetooth USB Stick

Which one has less latency?


Hey Sergio,

you haven’t answered my question yet: is it correct that you are using “USB-to-MIDI” cables as I described? That’s relevant.

WIDI latency can be as low as 3 ms between WIDI devices, while the technical latency of a classic MIDI cable is around 1 ms - that’s for sending one note. So a classic MIDI cable (including the USB adapter) should have less latency based on pure technical specs.

With Bluetooth speeds a lot faster than 31250 baud, WIDI should actually be “faster” in terms of throughput (notes transmitted per second). So once you start playing chords or moving controllers, things should even out between WIDI and classic MIDI (assuming WIDI latency is constant). EDIT: incorrect - the WIDI plug has to serialize the data with 31250 baud before putting it through to the synth, so no higher throughput…

Note: I wouldn’t use a generic Bluetooth USB stick for a WIDI solution - WIDI Bud Pro is optimized for latency within a WIDI setup.

Overall, if WIDI manages to deliver true 3 ms latency, things should feel pretty similar between classic MIDI and WIDI. Best is to actually go and test - technical specs only go so far…