Cantabile crashes with Halion Sonic 7 and Kontakt 7 (?)

I working on a new set list for Big Fish and now experience the same issues as I had previously with another set-list. The last was rather complicated and so I was not sure wether it would be Cantabile or me. Now the set-list is less of a mess, but still the same issue. I have the impression that crashes occur when both Halion Sonic 7 and Kontakt 7 are in the same song/setlist. It does not happen if I replace Halion Sonic by Halion Sonic SE, which actually is a workable workaround ,

Anybody else having this experience?


Apparently this is not recognized, I would say this is an issue as Halion and Kontakt are major plugins that should run together as well. Not something to look into further?

Is it possible to reproduce the problem with a single song, with the minimum amount of other stuff going on? If you can find a minimal setup for reproducing it, it’ll most likely make it easier to identify the cause.

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I had an issue with Kontakt Player 7, and there is a problem with version 7, but it is also more processor and RAM hungry as well - more on that soon, but it might be worth just how much your usage may be stretching your current system.

I bought Session Bassist - Icon Bass 2, which is brilliant, but required Kontakt Player 7 to run, so I had to upgrade every single song from version 6 to 7, about 150! But in the process every time I did the upgrade (one song at a time!). But changing the version wiped all the libraries in v 6, so i had to manually record all the songs and states on paper so I could re-equip version 7. Very laborious. BUT: I got multiple crashes while working with version 7 and had to learn to save the song after every change.

Having completed the upgrade I deleted version 6, but even then any editing within a song would still crash the system. Brad tells me that there is an issue with Kontakt Player, but I have since upgraded my laptop from an old i5 1.0GHz with 8Gb Ram to an i7 2.8GHz and 16Gb RAM, and now there are hardly any crashes, so I can now return to editing during a performance without having to worry about making everybody wait while I reboot the system!

Since the last fix of Brad for Halion 7 it seems to be improved quite a bit. I do not get unexpected crashes anymore when using Halion 7. Still I have quite offen a crash when closing Cantabile, so I must really save changes disciplinated.
Hopefully we Brad gets the crashes further reduced!

Cheers, Joop