Cantabile crashes when suspending or unloading plugin


I have a problem since build 3177 (until build 3176 the problem didn’t occur). When I load refx Nexus, I can play and use it just the way it should be. But when I suspend the plug-in, unload it or close Cantabile (I guess, Cantabile unloads all plugins the same way when I close it), Cantabile crashes. Until now, I only had this behavior with Nexus but it might be something more general.

In build 3177, there was the following change: “New - flush note/effect tails when plugin suspended”. Maybe the bug has something to do with this change. Please help me fix this problem and tell me if you need any logs or something like this.


Hi @nathansky,

Almost certainly this will be related to the code I added in 3177 to send note off events and flush sound tails when a plugin is suspended or unloaded. There’s a been a few plugins that seem to have issues with it and I’m considering either removing it or at least making it a per plugin option.


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Hi @brad ,

thank you for your quick reply. A per plugin option to exclude certain plugins would be great as most plugins seem to work with this option. Can I read somewhere what this option does exactly?


Hi @Nathansky

I’ve decided (at least for the moment) to make this a per-plugin instance option which is off by default. Having it off is safer for those plugins that don’t like it and also quicker when not required.

In the next build there will be this:

When enabled and the plugin is suspended, Cantabile does the following:

  1. Sends the plugin MIDI note off events for all tracked currently held notes
  2. Sends MIDI “All Sounds Off” CC on all 16 channels.
  3. Repeatedly calls the plugin to process audio until the output signal goes silent, or 5 seconds worth of audio has been processed (not necessarily 5 seconds real duration).

Note in step 3 - the audio generated by the plugin is discarded - it’s not a soft fade/mute. This is strictly about flushing out the plugin’s audio so it’s clean when the plugin is unsuspended.


Hi, I have other problems from version 3177 and all newer versions.
When switching between songs, or when exploring the audio options menu, or just when switching between Running and Suspend in any VSTi, suddenly the audio output is muted after a big click noise. Then some audio bar gauges still working with audio, but the audio is not heard.
In all cases I need restart Cantabile to recover audio output.
And, in all of cases, I am using the same rack for all my songs, thus the swithching from one song to another just make preset changes and some change on bindings. I am using my own plugins (developed by myself). Despite those plugins may have bugs, all of them work fine in Cantabile 3177 and earlier.
Anyone seen something of this in another item of this forum?

H Brad,
i have the same Problem with Nexus.
I have 3179 but can’t find this option.


Hey All,

Yep, it seems there are few plugins that choke with the tail sound flush. The new option to control this will be in today’s build (3185) or until then roll back to 3176.


Great News! THX

Hey @brad,

disabling the “flush tail sounds” option for Nexus solved my problem. Thank you very much, also for explaining what it does! Now, I’ll apply my sticker I received yesterday :wink:


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Cantabile 3186 works better with this problem in my computer! Despite sometimes my VSTis turn muted again, in this version I no need to restart Cantabile to recover sound. Now I switch from a song to another to recover sound. Then I go to the problematic song again, and no problem… it sounds without problems. I will “researching” on the new tail options…
Thanks Brad.
Regards to all,

I have reverted back to Build 3176 because of this issue and have hesitated to update to a new version until I felt comfortable that this issue is resolved and that the new Bindings code is stable. I think I am ready to install the latest version, but just wanted to clarify: If I want the “Build 3176 or earlier” behavior with regards to the tail sounds, do i want the “Flush tail sounds on suspend” to be disabled? And will it be disabled by default for all plugin instances?

HI @Roland_Robertson

Wise! That’s why they’re labelled “experimental” :slight_smile:

Yes (no checkmark in the menu)

Yes, you need to explicitly turn this on if you want it.