Cantabile and midi assignment

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I’ve been using Cantabile (Lite version) for a year or two at home for practicing guitar. I use it to load an ampsim and some effects. I really like the way Cantabile works, to me it is easy to use.

Last week i installed a program called TouchOsc on my iPad which makes it into a programmable control surface for sending OSC or MIDI. This works well for plugins that “natively” respond to MIDI CC:s. But now I also want to control some effects that do not support this (like turning an overdrive pedal on and off! :slight_smile: ) So I would like to use Cantabile to route incoming MIDI CC:s to plugin parameters.

I can’t find a way to do this. Reading the version comparisons I guess this could be a limitation of the Lite version. If so, what version of Cantabile would I need to be able to this? Would Solo be enough or do i need the full Performer version?

What you are looking for are most probably automation filters (not sure if this is exactly the name as I don’t have c3 available atm). They are used to map midi CCs to host automation patameters of a plugin. Automation filter is one of the filters included in Midi Filters. Midi Filters are included in solo and performer.

Please keep in mind that there is no strict need to implement parameters. Even though most plugs will meet your needs there is no garanty which parameters are implemented.

I’d recommend to grab the version of c3 you need as demo and checkout if it does the job.

Regards, humphrey

You’ll need bindings to do this - these can connect incoming MIDI CCs to plugin parameters, as you outline above. You’ll need at least Solo to get bindings - see the Cantabile versions overview.

Then have a look at the Guides and @brad’s tutorial video on bindings



BTW: to turn an overdrive pedal on or off, you don’t need your plugin’s parameters - you simply use bindings to control Cantabile’s Bypass feature for the specific plugin.



Thanks, that is a good suggestion! How come i didn’t think of that :slight_smile: Will try it out when I get home from work!


Or wait… Would I still need the Solo version to access the Cantabile Bypass feature over MIDI CC?

Yes, you need bindings to control Cantabile features via CC, so you’ll need at least Solo