Cantabile and Fast! software or BitSum for PC optimization

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Hi everybody

I recently stumbled acroos this software which claims to optimize windows for the App(s) of your choice.
Do anyone have any experience with this - and will it benefit a Cantabile windows machine?
they also have a facebook page
Ps. be aware that I am in two minds as if this is for real or maybe a hoax… so does anyone here know of the software?

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Can’t say I’ve heard of that one. I run this on all my PCs…


Does it make a difference for you?

Yeah. Absolutely. I have my audio apps (primarily REAPER and Cantabile) set to trigger bitsum highest performance mode and it automatically applies optimizations to Windows in realtime for best performance.
I find it also helps when the CPU maxes out to keep everything responsive.
I also have it set to kill a few rogue CPU hogging processes that are unrelated to audio if they start up during audio work.

I’ve been running it now for many years and have never seen any negatives with it.

It’s also very good at finding those rogue processes when they run. Once something in the background triggers unwanted CPU use, you can see it in the Process Lasso window and add it to the kill list.
If it is something important and is needed, you can assign it rules when to run and when not to run so you’re not making permanent changes to the Windows registry which could be harmful.


I ended up purchasing the paid version pretty early on because I like to dig in and fine tune things (I’m qualified in electronics and computers and have been at it for more than 30 years).

For many though, the free version has most of the performance optimizing tweaks needed.

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The bitsum product looks worth checking out, especially if you have positive experience of it (always useful to have a known good testimonial!)

Will look into it. Pricing for lifetime buy is pretty good as well if it is as good as you say it is.

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They update it quite regularly to keep up with Windows changes too. The developers seem to be pretty responsive to this kind of thing and there’s some pretty good documentation on using its more detailed features if you want to get under the hood and tweak.
The main difference with the paid version is user customizable profiles and more tweak head settings.


Wow this really is a very helpful community - and add to this the great support from Brad on Cantabile - this has been my most useful online “workspace” this year!


I will definitely check out Bitsum.

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That’s been pretty much my experience here and is why I keep coming back!
I agree completely regarding Brad’s support too. First class. Like Cantabile itself!!


Thanks, David

Will certainly be checking it out.

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So downloaded BitSum Process Lasso, its a bit intimidating :slight_smile:
When you mention that you have your audio apps trigger hig performance mode are you referring to designating those as “Gaming processes” as in their documentation, But “classify as high performance process” in their interface?
Any other hints you can share about performance tuning or is that simply enough (due to Bitsums auot-tuning capabilities)?

Don’t be put off by the complexity of the options available. For the vast majority of scenarios, the stock settings are already well optimised. I’m a tweakhead and love to dig in and experiment but I ALWAYS do a full backup first!!

If you leave the setup as it is when installed and just add your audio apps to the highest performance list (I’ll have to get back to you about the gaming thing because I’m not in my studio right now), you should be set to go.

They’ve done a very good job of configuring this to work well out of the box whilst also offering the tweakers amongst us plenty to fiddle with if we want to.


Something else worth mentioning is that Process Lasso is of course an application that runs in the background. However, the gains in performance and responsiveness under load far outweigh the resource usage of the app itself (otherwise it would be pointless).


I just found out, with almost a heart attack, that smart defrag was scheduled. And it spiked my CPU and disk io, like crazy.
My reaper stuttered and blocked completely while playing.
Happy I’ve found out what the problem was.
Imagine that this would have happened while on stage (guess i was lucky till now)
But guess I’ll try/buy that software also. I really don’t want to take another risk that some process in the background ruins a concert.
Windows is so unreliable.

Missed this thread the first time, glad it got bumped. Looks like something to check out…

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That Fast! Software looks very straight forward!
Is it free and does it work well?

So what are these and how can I set them lower priority?

Seems really hi tek stuff for settings, isn’t there any plan you guys can export from it to have a starting point?

I’m using Bitsum on my gig PC and very happy with it. I need to put in my DAW PC as well when I get five minutes.

I just tried the trail of FAST!.. it says it’s doing something and there’s some graphics and stuff to prove it. But how do I really know? :stuck_out_tongue: