Cantabile and Fast! software or BitSum for PC optimization

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I’ve had the lifetime licence of Bitsum’s Process Lasso for a year now, and use it on every computer in the house. It works very well. When Cantabile or the DAW is started up, I do not use the process lasso part - only the high performance features - because I don’t want it kicking in when I overload a VST instrument with too much expression pedal action or something!

It really does do a good job at reigning in stuff, and the rules are easy to set up for stopping unnecessary services and such.



Could you post some screenshot of your setting Terry with c3 running, just to see what had priority.
I’m not sure if an export would be helpful?
I tested both, but fast is to simple.
Bitsum is better.
Maybe they should create some standard profiles for music and gaming etc also?


That would be smart of them to do! But they still would be limited somewhat, because you right-click on an application’s process in the process chart to select its specific feature assignments. At least that is how I primarily do it.



Try but way to many options to select, I hope I did a good setting…


I use:
Priority Class: Above Normal
I/O Priority: High
Application Power Profile: Bitsum Highest Performance
Exclude from ProBalance Restraint - Checked
Exclude from SmartTrim - Checked
Classify as a High Performance Process - Checked

Cantabile already will prevent the computer going to sleep if running from its own settings, so I do not use that on Cantabile, but I do on other software.

Anything you add that is different?



To be honest, I can’t remember!! I have it running on my Sony Vaio laptop so I can check later on what the processes are.
I haven’t actually installed this on my main studio rig (new late last year) because it seems to be running very smoothly with no background process issues. It is much faster than the Sony though so perhaps any background processes are just not noticeable now (the new rig is an i7 7700K which I have running at 4.3GHz and has 32GB RAM).


Project Lasso is for real. I learned about it from some designer/engineers running AutoDesk software to develop surgical tools.