Cantabile 4 Alpha Available

yes, same exact song, here are expanded pics showing the song name and rack counts



OK, weird. I’ll look into it.

I also noticed that even with only the background rack loaded in a new empty song there were 2 racks loaded according to the monitor. Not sure where the second rack is from or what the 5 loaded racks are except for the BG rack. I thought the display would be 1 / 1 for an empty song with a BG rack that had no embedded racks.

Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:

Cosmetic but there is a difference in the symmetry of the custom buttons and the knobs on the racks, media players and plugins. The custom buttons are spaced the same and the knobs got larger on the new version.

SnapShot 4189

SnapShot 4190

Tested 4001.

fixed: able to rescan VST3 folder without crashing (no changes to plugin list)

fixed with caveats: able to open songs created in C3 with the caveats that (1) once the first song is opened, then trying to open the next song causes the dialog attached below, and (2) after OKing dialog, GUI locks and I have to use SysInternals Process Explorer to manually kill the C4 process tree.

Note that kill/reopen C4 then open songs in reverse order causes same symptoms. Also tried with several different songs, so do not believe it has to do with the song files since they all will open in C4 if they are the first song opened upon start of C4. It is only opening a subsequent song that issue is provoked.


Build 4002 should fix everything mentioned here (and then some), except for:

  • the mismatch on the rack counts in the monitor panel (still investigating).
  • the reported difference in performance (awaiting confirmation of power settings).

Thanks to everyone who reported issues… keep sending them through.


@dave_dore since you have an obvious case of the rack count mismatch I’d be interested to see what the log shows at the point where they diverge. ie: tools -> options -> diagnostics -> console logger -> on. (in both versions) Load the setlist and check the end of the log - it should show those load counts and they should match what is shown on screen.

The songs count as racks too. eg: one song + one background rack = 2 loaded racks.

@brad, It was my bad, I had different BG rack loaded in each version. The time load and rack counts for each version is now the same. Sorry :blush: for making an issue …


Hi Brad

Thanks for uploading your hard work!

(Note: below issues disappeared when I unticked the ‘Enable GPU accelerated rendering’ option!)

On first install of v4 I have several issues:

  • the menu on top does not display (only the top left ‘file’ is visible; rest of the menu’s is there but only visible if you guess where to click
  • names of vst’s and routes appear as boxes, but are not visible

p.s. Thus solved now unticking the ‘Enable GUI accelerating rendering option’)


  • The pop up sliders for the controller bar aren’t appearing on some sessions (intermittent)
  • The color of the binding slots is not translating to the whole slot, just the left hand piece.

  • custom button dialog edit box won’t allow edits

SnapShot 4192

  • and some custom button labels don’t fit anymore

SnapShot 4196

SnapShot 4197

Also a question. On V4 when you select a slot it puts a color transparency layer that alters the slot color. e.g

unselected maroon color

selected maroon slot turns a light violet color. FWIW some colors in the color list aren’t affected as much as others.

Is this a planned change? On V3 the slot color remains but the field is highlighted in bright light blue.


OK, Ultimate Performance was selected, but Process Lasso was disabled and not running. I’ll retest later today.


The latest 4002 build fixed all of my issues. I will continue testing. Thank you, Brad, for your amazing support of this product and our community! I am loving what I see so far in C4!

Here’s what I’ve found (no solution). Bottom line is that performance usage numbers do seem higher with C4 (at least on this machine).

Idle, C3 simple song

Idle, C4 same song

Profiler, C3 complex song

Profiler C4, complex song (partial, a few rows cut off)

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The issues I reported are resolved. :white_check_mark:

Also, an older C3 issue with a Distorque plugin UI is no longer a problem. :white_check_mark:

Brad intuitively knew that and fixed it for you! :rofl:

Brad, I notice two things that are not yet working in V4:

  • learn mode in key range selection
  • there is a move up/down function for VST’s in the menu. In V3 it also worked with mouse dragging, which V4 does not have. Not sure if that is intentional, but I’d appreciate both methods

Hey Ad,

Mouse dragging works here for input ports, plugins, bindings and racks but you have to select the slot on the 5 dots at the far left and the slot will go all bright blue. When you release and click again on the same place you can drag the slot. Is that what you were referring to?



Hi @adderoo,

Looks like some incompatibility with your graphics card/driver. Just leave GPU acceleration off for now (I doubt you’ll notice any performance difference). Can you send me details on your graphics card and which version of the graphics driver you’ve got installed?


Yes, it was intended to make it more consistent with uncolored rows which also have a highlight.