Cantabile 4 Alpha Available

An alpha build of Cantabile 4 is now available here.

Some notes:

  • The feature set for this version of Cantabile is basically the same as the currently released Cantabile 3 version.
  • What is new is the entire technology stack (.NET 5.0 and GuiKit 3.0). Most of the UI has been reworked and cleaned up and it’s got a brand new set of UI control widgets.
  • The version number is v4 but Cantabile 3 licenses will continue to work with it. If your Cantabile 3 subscription is active it’ll work for you. There’s no upgrade cost - it’s included in your subscription.
  • Cantabile 4 installs side by side with Cantabile 3 ie: it won’t overwrite your v3 installation and no file formats have changed - so songs, set lists etc… should all interoperate without issue.
  • If you’re using the default settings folder, running Cantabile 4 will automatically copy over your Cantabile 3 settings, but from then they’ll be separate.
  • If you’re using a custom settings folder then you’ll need to re-configure that setting for Cantabile 4 (ie: you’ll need to do this again).
  • The format of language translation files has changed. If you’re using a translation you can get updated translation files from here. Translation files for Cantabile 3 are still available here.
  • There’s a new option in Tools -> Options -> General -> Language to switch between installed languages.
  • This build uses .NET 5.0 so if you’re installing from the .zip files, you’ll need to manually install the .NET 5 Desktop Runtime (available here). If you install Cantabile using the installer it will automatically download and install the runtime if necessary.
  • If you’re using a custom theme, it will no longer work since the theme support has been completely rewritten. I need to write some more documentation about how to re-theme but if you’re keen you can probably figure it out by unzipping the included themes and inspecting their contents.

Finally, although excited to release this I’m also a little nervous because there have been a ton of changes. I’ve been testing on this over the past couple of weeks and it seems stable, but I’m sure the odd bug or two has slipped through.

Please don’t use this in a live environment - it will probably bite you

But if you’re rehearsing or just playing around at home I’d appreciate if you can give it a good workout. All future development will now be focused on v4 so the sooner I can get it stable the better.

The best place to report issues or ask questions is right here… just reply to this post and I’ll fix things asap.

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Thanks Brad! I am also excited to to try it!! :+1:

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Not able to open any songs created in C3 except as noted below, get this msg:


I was able to open a completely empty song (via deleting all plugins in an existing C3 song and save).

Also cannot rescan my VST3 folder, crashes on I think Syntronic but UI closes so fast its hard to tell which plugin pops it. You should have a crash report from me for both issues…

Hi @sekim… thanks for reporting… can you please try build 4001 and if it still fails, email me a copy of the song file.

There’s an issue with OpenGL rendering atm. I’m working on a fix, but in the meantime if you’re impacted you can just turn off OpenGL in Options -> General until I get it fixed.

Build 4001 is up now and fixes:

  • OpenGL conflict with some plugins
  • Null Reference exception loading some songs

I’m test driving it and liking it but had the OpenGL issues with some plugins. That looks to be fixed in the 4.01 version. I also noticed this silly detail but thought I’s ask about and it’s on the the Output Ports. There is a expand/collapse arrow on the left of the slot that has no function and was not on the old version.

SnapShot 4175

SnapShot 4176

Also I’m wondering what the function of the 5 dot pattern on the far left, it has a use in wiring view for dragging ports around but seemingly no function in the table view.

more testing to do but very happy with it so far …


  • Navigation arrow keys and Enter on qwerty keyboard don’t work on set list grid view …
  • monitor pane not compressing properly

normal width

SnapShot 4182

squeezed down obscures meters and control for slider

SnapShot 4183


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Quick brush this morning: Everything on classic rock set list loaded. I see some performance numbers that may be interesting, captured below.

I used one song (Further On Up The Road) that is Piano/Organ split for “simple” and another (Wonderful Tonight) which is more “complex” with piano/organ/layers, string and “Ahhh” pads.

C3 Simple at idle
TL 27.4%
CPU 4.5%

C4 Simple idle
TL 43%
CPU 5.0%

C3 Complex smashing keys
TL 30%
CPU 5-10%

C4 Complex smashing keys
TL 50%
CPU 7-11%

Piano: PianoTeq (w/TR5 British Channel)
Organ: Hammond B3-X w/their Leslie
Rhodes: Lounge Lizard (w/TR5 White Channel)
Ahhhh Pad: Xpand, Kontakt, AnalogLab w/FabFilter Pro-R
Strings: Kontakt, Korg M1
Pad: Zebra
(Note: single instance of Kontakt with all samples loaded as Multi)
Output sum processing, TR5 Saturator, FabFilterQ
I/F PreSonus 1818VSL

Hope that helps some. More functional testing later.



I get a better time load result on load and at idle from the new version as shown here with the same Song file as loaded by the latest V3 and the latest V4

SnapShot 4180

SnapShot 4181

it appears that the new version is seeing a way different number on the “Running/Loaded Racks”

@dave_dore Interesting. I’m planning some profile runs later. We’ll see how that turns out.


Looking forward to your findings!

I am getting this error when loading songs in C4:


Not sure what the “null reference” is, since the same songs load fine in C3 Build 3698. I am on Windows 11 with current updates.

I also notice that the “Loading” progress bar doesn’t display progress and there is no option to send a log file when C4 dumps.

I expect these types of issues with any major new release. Really appreciate Brad’s work on bringing us C4!

It gets released just as I am going away on business. On the one hand that is not fair! :frowning: On the other hand, maybe some rough edges will be knocked off by my return on the weekend. Will of course give it a go and the various sets I have when I am back :slight_smile:


My guitar/bass practice rig loaded right up with Amplitube 5, Nembrini and Brainworx amps. I like the dark background for options forms - if I made a theme it’s what I would do.

Win10 21H1 i5-2400 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Gigabyte GT1030 graphics

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It’ll be gone in the next build.

They can be used to click+drag to select multiple rows and then to click+drag reorder. They’re mostly there for touch screen users where the interaction of touch is a little different to mouse click. Also they were there in v3, they just looked different and we’re on every row:


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That’s odd as I wouldn’t really expect performance load differences between v3 and v4 as nothing has changed in the audio engine. The first thing that comes to mind is perhaps the power plan isn’t getting applied correctly. Are you using the “Switch to Power Plan” setting and if so can you please check that setting is correct in v4, and that the power plan is actually switching. (start audio engine, go to Windows power settings and check the plan was activated).

Again, not expecting that… can you please check you’re loading the exact same song/racks.

Can you please send me a copy of the song and any referenced racks and I’ll check it out. Actually hold off on that… I’ve got a very similar exception happening here now so I’ll get that fixed and get you to retest in the next build. If it still happens then I’ll get you to send those files.

[quote=“bpeterson1123, post:14, topic:7280”]
I also notice that the “Loading” progress bar doesn’t display progress


I’ll look into it.

That’ll depend where the exception happens. Some exceptions are caught and displayed as errors (like you’re seeing). Other’s are sent to the crash reporter.

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