Cantabile 3 Pricing

It’s the most asked questions about Cantabile 3… how much will it cost?

Well, here’s the answer

I’ve also just sent a mail out to existing v2 users about upgrade pricing, I’ll quote the relevant bit here:

Cantabile’s pricing model is changing a little.

Cantabile 3 already has some really exciting new features but that’s not the end of the story. There’s lots more planned and to support this ongoing development, updates will now be based on subscription model.

Please note: this doesn’t mean Cantabile will stop working if your subscription expires. It will continue to run, you’ll just miss out on any new features.

As a licensed v2 user, when you purchase an update subscription Cantabile 3 will be included.

  • Cantabile Performer - $99
  • Cantabile Solo - $39

That’ll get you a licensed copy of Cantabile 3 and one year worth of updates. See the Trello board to get an idea of what might be included in these post-launch updates.

For more information about purchasing, update subscriptions and pricing, please see the purchase page. Closer to launch you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to purchase an update subscription.

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At that price it’s a real bargain, for the best-in-class plugin host!


Neil beat me to it and said it better! :grinning:


Hooray! :slight_smile:

…what a shame that only a few hours ago I bought Cantabile 2 Performer for $139 and will be charged another $99 when upgrading to Cantabile 3 Performer (which I definitely will :slight_smile: ), whereas I could have waited just a bit to spend $199 in total saving $38…

But anyways, such great piece of software combined with superb support and service may as well be worth it and be rewarded :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the final release!
Thanks, Brad

Kind regards from Germany

Hi Sepp,

Check your email…

So if I’m understanding correctly, staying subscribed to updates for Cantabile will cost $99 each year?

Hi Less,

Yes, that’s correct - Performer $99/yr, Solo $39/yr to support ongoing development of Cantabile.

An expired subscription doesn’t mean Cantabile will stop running - you’ll just miss out on new features and updates.


I upgraded and was not planning to purchase just yet, but I see now that C3 will no longer run if there is no internet connection- and my band’s practice site does not have an internet connnection.

When I click on “buy now” on the initial screen, it takes me to the link where I can purchase Performer for $199. How to get the $99 deal as registered user for C 2?


login to the new portal, chose your cantabile 2 license and then upgrade to c3.

Regards, humphrey