Cantabile 3 and VB3_x64 (Need Help)

Hey All,

As you may or may not know, Cantabile 3 and VB3_x64 have a bit of a history of not getting along too well. I’ve been in discussion with VB3’s developer about this and as part of this discussion I’ve been trying again to reproduce the issue. As before, I’ve not been able to reproduce any issue what-so-ever.

So I’d like to ask for everyone who uses VB3 to try loading up VB3_x64 in Cantabile build 3200 and giving it a good workout to see if this problem still occurs. I’m looking for any rhyme, reason, clue or pattern as to when this happens. Please be sure to hit send with any crash reports.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.


I was one of those reporting issues with VB3_x64 months ago, but I prefer to use the 64-bit versions without a “middleware” like jBridge (a great product, don’t get me wrong). So within the past few months I decided to try it again, and have had no problems since then. I don’t know what might have changed, but there have been a lot of builds in that time.

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Supplementary Q: is the a cost to upgrade from an existing 32bit to the 64bit?


There is no upgrade cost. The license is for both the 32 and 64 bit versions.

Excellent, thanks Roland

Didn’t even know there was a 64bit version of vb3.

VB3_x64 crash report sent. I just switched Cantabile to run at 96kHz instead of my usual 44kHz, and VB3 quickly went bang! I don’t seem to be able to repeat it though.


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With 3200, if I load it from an “Add Object” right click it will crash C3.
If it loads with the song, the same.
If I load it from the “Insert” menu it loads no problem but if I save, exit and it loads with the song. Bang the first time.
I load C3 with no song again, “Insert” VB3, no problem. Save, load automatically, no problem.
Delete VB3 object, load from Add Object right-click, no problem. Save, load automatically, no problem. Profit.
So far this works for me. Strange, no?

Just wanted to bump this because it seems to be related to the current VB3 64 issues.

Cantabile 3 and VB3_x64 (Need Help)

Is there a VB3 1.74c3 version, as described in this thread here that might address the current situation?

Thread mentioning VB3 1.4c3 version

Thanks everyone. Seems there are still issues here. Unfortunately seems neither myself nor VB3’s developer is able to reproduce them. Not sure how to proceed.

I guess the status of this issue is still unresolved? I just installed VB3-64 but when I tried to open it the little windows wheel just kept on spinning.

The 32-bit version running with jBridge is rock solid - that seems to be the most reliable way forward, if you’re having trouble.


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I think I will park VB3 and run with Blue3 and B5. VB3 needs an update and until that happens I’m good with my other plugins.