Can't MIDI Transpose

Hello all!
I want transponse my MIDI Keyboard on input. I found this manual, but I do not see Set Transpose in Edit menu.

which Cantabile Version are you working with?
Cantabile 2 or 3?
Solo or Performer Licence?

I use stable build Cantabile 3 Build 3236 (x64+x86) with free licence.

I suppose it’s “Lite” Licence (which is the free one)?
I switched and checked with “Lite” Licence:
Unfortunately this feature seems not to be available in “Lite”!
So you’ll have to transpose either directly on Midi-Keybaord or in the plugin you are using.


Hi @morfair

Global Transpose is available in Cantabile Performer. Per-route transpose is available in Solo. In Lite you’ll need to do it on your controller, or in the plugin.


I don’t see it in Solo either.

Hi Frank,

To find it in solo go to the target field on the input route you want to transpose and click on it. e.g.

It will open the control menu for that route where you can set the transpose in solo.



Ok, once I have that window open how do I set up the transpose up and down from my FCB1010

Hi Frank,

Solo does not have global transpose so it is not something that can be done with an external controller like the 1010. It can only be transposed in that window I showed or in the plugin GUI itself. Using a remote controller like the 1010 would need to have the performer version of Cantabile …