Can you start song at beginning, loop middle, continue to end


At the moment if I set a loop in a song I only seem to be able to play that loop. E.g. if I have a 4 bar intro, 16 bars to loop around several times then 4 bars out I can’t find a way to start playback from the start so it plays the intro then automatically loops x number of times round the 16 bars after the intro then continues to the end or continues looping until I press a button to make it stop looping and carry on to the end. Is there a way to do this in Cantabile3?


Hi Paul,

I sent this explanation to another C3 user a few months ago. Hope it helps!

Go to the timeline for the track you want to manipulate, it will be the initial state for the loop
and is named all in the range drop down list

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drag the braces to the points for your loop …

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… and set the loop to on (infinite)

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then save the range as steve1 (in our example)


Next make a breakout range whose starting point is placed at or after the loop range you created earlier. Then save it as Steve 2 in the example and with the loop turned off.

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To implement it you put a few extra bindings to control the switching of the loop

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The first binding switches the media player to range “Steve 1” and loops there until you press the second binding “Steve 2” which switches to the breakout rang and plays out the rest of the track.

That’s a way to do it with switches. You could also set the middle loop to a pre-determined number of loops but need a switch to break out of the infinite loop shown in this example but if you don’t the track will stop when the loop count finishes. If you manually switch to the 3rd range I show before it reaches the end of the last loop count then it will play from where it is to the end.


Addendum I can also add that in C3 performer you can have the loop turn on automatically with a transport position binding to select the loop range for you. You still need a manual way to break out of the loop to the finishing range. I haven’t found or devised a way to do that …


Many thanks Dave, much appreciated I’ll try that.


I’ve worked through this method and got it working as I’d like now. Thanks Dave.