Can the Media player auto-loop thru the playlist?

Can the Media player auto-loop thru the playlist? That is, start the transport, and when a media file is done, have the media player automatically move to the next song?


Check out the following post for new bindings introduced a month or so back. These may do what you are looking for.


That’ll do the trick! Tx!

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And it DOES the trick!

@brad: small feature request: how about a “on end of track list” binding - which would allow to re-start the whole thing all over again (i.e. when the last file is done, it would restart with the first one). Is that an option? (or is that somewhere inthere - in which case I seem to have overlooked it).

Hey Tom,

To make it loop again use 2 bindings like this



Erm thanks, but … maybe I’m kinda thick … but if you do a “next file” on the last file - it doesn’t do anything, right? So I don’t see how that would loop (it seems exactly the same as the binding to use to auto-jump to the next file). Or can you tell the media player to take the first file as next one after the last one (strange sentence when I typed it, but it does make sense to me …)

Am I missing something here?

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I tested it here and it worked. I discussed it with Brad in the same post that Derek pointed to and complained that his first post of that thread showed this method and after I commented on it he made the other binding so it would stop at the end of the list.


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I had just shut down the Cantabile laptop for the night but rebooted it to give this a whirl: it DOES work! Great! Tx for your help! I did just read the remainder of the thread Derek pointed to and saw there’s some extra bindings coming up to differentiate such behavior - great to see those as well!

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