Can I tune all VSTs to 432hz with Cantabile?


Hello everyone. With my band we are moving in the direction of playing tuned in 432hz. I wonder if I can change the global tuning from cantabile because the only vst with this possibility is Vb3.
Thank You!


I don’t think you could do it with Cantabile.
An option might be to try an RME soundcard which has a global pitch control of +/- 5%



I have an experimental band that is tuned to 432. Been together for almost 2 yrs. You will have to tune to 432 at the plugin itself. Some VSTS will detune to 432, some you will have to detune manually (some synths). Quite honestly, I don’t buy the theory, even after 2 yrs, and I have given up several good plugs just to achieve it. A complete half step is only a few cents away from 432, so I have been able to use a few plugs that way, and the slightly flat tones are not too noticable. Good luck, it takes some patience.


If there was a way to adjust the global sample rate you could do it. You have to calculate just what it would have to be though.


If you can arrange for the band to be moving away from the audience at 6.3 metres per second, Doppler Shift will tune everything down nicely for you.

Just a thought… :slight_smile:


Thank you to all for the answers. I wander if there’s some kind of plug like a pitch shifter that you can put in the chain to change the tuning of alltime the VSTs.


Now that’s funny… I don’t care who you are.

The only issue is the math. You know that 5 out of 4 Americans aren’t that good at it!


That would destroy the sound more than likely. Shifting the master sample rate of the system wouldn’t though. I’m just not sure how you would do it. You could maybe get an external clock and slave your system to it…


I don’t have an audio interface that lets me shift the sample rate under 44100. I read that Ableton can shift the global pitch to, 432 hz but I have to try as I’m non used to it.



Like I said above, I’ve been dealing with this for 2 yrs. A global detune to 432, AFAIK, is not achievable. VST’s are very different in many different ways. You really have no choice, but to make this happen within each separate VST. I also wished for the easy fix, but resigned to the fact that there are many plugins that will not detune by cents, only by steps. Unless you use one hand to play, and the other controlling the controller pitch wheel down to 432, there is no quick fix . You will be forced to use the 432 friendly VST’s…or tape down your pitch wheel, for the plugs that respond to pitch wheel. :grinning:

This is why I am not playing a “real” harmonica in this band. I can bend notes, but not that far, and not every note. :laughing:


Well… you could send pitchbend commands to all plugins on song load. :slight_smile:


Some plugins wouldn’t respond to that though, although seems like most would. Of course, then you can’t actually use the pitch wheel!

You could do it with Midi controller 100, iirc but probably not all plugins respond to that either. Could be worth a look though.

EDIT- no that’s wrong. I could have sworn MIDI CC 100 was master tune. I know it’s there in sysex somewhere for supported devices.


add a pitch shifter/detune vst to the end of the master rack?


That would probably introduce artifacts. Maybe for an 8 cents shift it wouldn’t be a big deal though. It would also shift percussion sounds…


I could try, do you know the name of some good plugins?


Soundshifter from WAVES is pretty good.


Good luck with that.

If you use Kontakt and/or UVI instruments, they can be safely detuned to 432 within those resident programs. A wide array of instruments are available for those two. I build “432” racks for all the instruments I use so I don’t have to repeatedly set them up.

And, repeating myself, you can detune many plugs to 432 within the plugs themselves, Much more stable than using an outside source to give you problems.


I’ve found this


Just be glad you don’t have a Hammond or Rhodes in your setup :smiley: :smiley: At least with a Hammond you could do it with a VariAC though :smiley:


I haven’t done the maths, but I don’t care if it is wrong or right … But! It is sooo funny! :))