C3 freezing with certain plugins



I have a smaller niggle here I can‘t get fixed. It concerns 2 plugins from Adam Szabo (JP6K & Viper). When Adam released them there were only x86 versions available. Jbridge did a good job and wrapped them.

Meanwhile x64 versions were released and they also work on both of my machines (Win8.1 / Win10) in C3.

The only niggle occours on the Wn8.1 machine: if there is a song in a setlist (preloaded) using one the two plugins I get a strange effect when using scroll menues anywhere in cantabile in any song: whereas scrolling slowly through a list works without a problem a quick scroll lets cantabile freeze: I‘m not able to move or select anything in the cantabile window.

Fortunately I can fix this easily by minimizing and again maximising the C3 window. Nevertheless this is not really comfortable.

Adam really is a kind and helpful person and put quite some effort into this problem but was not able to reproduce this.

So I decided to send this to our community - maybe someone here has an idea what could cause this or even a hint how to fix it.

Thanks in advance, humphrey :sunglasses:


When it freezes, does task manager show it burning CPU or effectively idle?

Either way, best bet would be to capture a crash report while in this state. See here for how to do this.


Hi brad,

thanks for your quick response. I will follow up with information this evening.

Regards, humphrey


Hi Brad,

as mentioned I can see an increase of CPU load. I sent some additional information directly to you.

Regards, humphrey