C3 Community Fxb Banks Exchange (Ivory, OP-X Pro II, Neosoul UVI, Eventide UltraReverb)

Hi all,

If you have any fxb or cantabileFxb bank files you’ve made for Cantabile and you wish to share them please post them here. If some of us have the same plugins we could share factory or custom performance preset Banks. If you post give a description of what you are sharing. :grinning: And with that done I will begin with the files below.

Eventide UltraReverb

Here’s a set of cantabileFxb files for Eventide UltraReverb. There are too many presets for one fxb file so I took the first 128 (0~127) factory presets. I have both the Insert presets and the buss presets. This covers all the basic hall, chamber, plate, room and ambient with a few delays thrown in. If you have this plug just load the bank from the dropdown menu on the plugin window and the plugin will then have a drop down menu with all the presets right next to the plugin slot in C3. :smile:

Eventide_UltraReverb_Buss.cantabileFxb (3.8 MB)
Eventide_UltraReverb_Insert.cantabileFxb (3.8 MB)

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Synthogy Ivory II Grand Pianos##

These are the factory presets for all of the Ivory II Grand Pianos separated by Piano type. Enjoy!

Ivory II Bosendorfer Factory.fxb (24.7 KB)
Ivory II German D Factory.fxb (24.7 KB)
Ivory II Studio C7 7 Ft Factory.fxb (24.7 KB)
Ivory II Italian Grand Factory.fxb (31.9 KB)
Ivory II American Concert D Factory.fxb (40.4 KB)

UVI Neo Soul Keys

Factory preset banks for the UVI version of Neo Soul Keys Electric Piano Sample Set.The banks are separated by piano type. I think Neo Soul Keys has one of the best Suitcase Rhodes sounds around. Cheers!

UVI Neo Soul Suitcase.cantabileFxb (4.1 MB)
UVI Neo Soul Stage.cantabileFxb (2.0 MB)
UVI Neo Soul EX5.cantabileFxb (632.4 KB)
UVI Neo Soul Dyno.cantabileFxb (725.8 KB)
UVI Neo Soul EPMaker.cantabileFxb (2.2 MB)

SonicProjects OP-X Pro II Factory preset Banks

Just put together these cantabileFxb files for the OP-X Pro II for any other users of this great virtual synth.

SonicProjects OP-X Pro II Factory Presets.cantabileFxb (2.6 MB)
SonicProjects OP-X Pro II MiniMoog.cantabileFxb (924.9 KB)
SonicProjects OP-X Pro II Famous.cantabileFxb (1.9 MB)
SonicProjects OP-X Pro II Prophet.cantabileFxb (1.4 MB)
SonicProjects OP-X Pro II Jupiter.cantabileFxb (1.5 MB)
SonicProjects OP-X Pro II Oberheim.cantabileFxb (1.5 MB)
SonicProjects OP-X Pro II PolyMoog.cantabileFxb (251.3 KB)


Yesssss! Thanks Dave, super useful!


You’re Welcome Neil, I will post more as I make them, check back from time to time…

“OB-X Pro”? Should that be OP-X?

Oops, my mistake, sorry, will correct. Thanks @brad

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