C3 FXB banks and C3 Racks for Ivory II Grand Factory Presets

Hi All,

Just an offering to those who use Synthogy Ivory II. I have been making fxb banks in Cantabile 3 for Ivory II factory presets so I can look at familiar names when calling up pseudo presets and thought I would share them. These FXB files show and select the factory preset names in the pseudo preset file slot list. Just load Ivory and then load the fxb from the Ivory plugin drop down menu.

Let me know if they work for you. :grinning:

Edit : I have posted some C3 racks (regular, not embedded) I made for Ivory Grands below. They are set up so that rack state changes will change the factory preset list for each given piano. :smile: Enjoy

That works great! Nice work Dave :smile:


Hi Neil, Thanks, I wondered if you could check this out for me? It’s a rack I made using the presets from Ivory Concert D. If you have that I mean? I am just seeing if the whole package goes over. I loaded the rack with empty Ivory, called the preset bank and created synchronized states with names and saved rack. works good here. If you have a different one let me know so I can test.


edit : removed files that were not useful

There were errors in the italian fxb that are corrected and I re-uploaded the file.

Hi Dave,

The racks don’t work for me because they’re hard-wired to expect MIDI in from “Main Keyboard” and audio out to “Main Speakers”), neither of which exist on my setup. Probably the thing to do is wire Ivory’s input to “Rack: MIDI In” and output to “Rack: Stereo Out”, and then someone using the rack can just hook it up into their song without needing to edit the rack’s internal routing.

Also the rack’s target port was set to have state behaviour, so after setting the Ivory output route to “Rack: Stereo Out”, if I changed state, it would revert to “Main Speakers” for other states. I guess you’d probably want to disable state behaviour for the target port, in general.


Thanks Neil, I will see what I can whip up!

See 2nd paragraph I just added to my reply above…

Edit: These are working for folks who want to use them! :grinning:

OK, lets try these, they have the inputs and outputs redone and target out state behavior turned off. Thanks @Neil_Durant

Ivory German D.cantabileRack (33.5 KB)
Ivory Concert D.cantabileRack (53.4 KB)
Ivory Italian II Grand.cantabileRack\ (40.8 KB)
Ivory Studio C7.cantabileRack (33.6 KB)
Ivory Bosendorfer Grand.cantabileRack (33.4 KB)

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Great, they work straight “out of the box” - just need to add a MIDI route into the rack and an audio route out of the rack into my audio output, and the various presets work great :smile: I wasn’t able to test the Italian Grand as I don’t have that sample set.

Nice work! I can see sharing of interesting racks being great fun in the Cantabile community :smile:

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Ivory Italian is a beautiful piano. Second only to German which I simply adore - such a beautifully expressive tone to it. (imo anyway)

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I had a similar thought …

Thanks for the assist Neil, now I have a template to work from. I will leave the current racks up here for others to use. :smile:

I played it exclusively for many years. :+1:

I’ve just been so happy with the German that I hadn’t considered getting the Italian…Dave and Brad, your words are making me think about an upgrade…