By request: The Corky and Fred post your lousy practice videos thread

At some point in another thread I mentioned learning to play On The Loose by Saga for a jam and triggering an effect in the middle and he wanted to see it so, here it is. This was not very tight yet; I got better lol Also, the audio was via Cantabile with me playing to the track and for one patch change the track wasn’t bussed to the outs that went to the recorded so I’m hangin’ out to dry.


nice try Fred…it’s unavailable

Whoops, I thought I set it back to public, now try it

And as promised, learning to play Squonk by Genesis in a leopard snuggy. (Our basement is cold in Winter). This was crap, I only started learning it the day before.

It’s not really an exciting song to watch someone play :smiley:


That fixed it. Well you covered, and raised the bet. Dammit! I’ll see what I can come up with…will take a little while. And yes, the leopard snuggy is becoming on you. :rofl:

I should have made it a thing. Like Bob Geldof in pajamas.

It would have been your signature playing attire. Like a Liberace 4th of July ensemble.



I am literally in tears from laughing so hard!

From my playing? … it does suck lol I need to post a video of something I played OK. Other people’s music doesn’t lay under my fingers any more.

No…your comment

After the Liberace costume.

Oh, I knew, I was being self deprecating :wink:

I figured as such…still laughing tho.

I will see what videos I can find.

I don’t have lousy practice videos to post, but I do have an audio recording of Africa from last night. Does that make the cut or not lousy enough? (TBH I’m kinda proud of it)

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I’ll do one more and quit- I actually felt pretty good about this even though there are still clunks. The big news here of course is since the band was going to have a dedicated bass player and guitarist I was pretty much spared having to use my left hand :smiley: :smiley:


Post it Robb! Do it :smiley: :smiley: (I think actual performances should be allowed too)


OK Fred I am keeping my word. I taught in a performing arts school after I retired from Govt. Service. I was always dressing up for all kinds of things they would convince me would be great. They were making a school challenge video, and last minute got me involved. I didn’t know the lyrics and had only two run throughs. Yes…I am the blonde pimp. :blush:

I think my pimp suit trumped your leopard snuggy. :sunglasses:

One day, I will drive across the state, and you and I will form a band called “Pimp Snuggy” :rofl:



Shared on OneDrive:
No post-processing done, other than being mixed down, this is more or less exactly what it’ll sound like live:!AmFzZUmHjdF8hMYmKZkUCDy205w1sQ

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Nice! So what’s “live” and what’s “not exactly live”? :wink: I like the solo!

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Very nice. I doubt I could hit those high vocals anymore, so kudos to you.

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I do that song with my rock band. Nice harmonies!

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