By request: The Corky and Fred post your lousy practice videos thread


Wow Robb, that’s a great performance! Nice job on the vocals.


Dissolved in tears while watching :grinning:


Here is audio from a practice several years ago. We had just finished off a bottle of Cabo Wabo, and cracked open a fresh bottle of Patron. Guitar player is out of tune, and trying to balance his vocal harmonizer, drummer is about to fall off his throne, bass player is trying to keep up, and I am trying to play VB3 and Piano at the same time, while singing wrong lyrics. We recorded the whole practice, and later cringed at the results.


I’m disappointed, frankly. I expected a far more impressive train wreck than that. Heck, you still sounded better than the Dead on any given day!


I was hoping for something at least this bad :smiley:


I’ve seen that. It is terrible!


I just can’t accept that they weren’t punking people on purpose :smiley:


I felt the same way, but, I saw bands this bad, except they were 11 yrs old.


I think I played with those cats.


Sounds like they are all playing a different song, or the same song at different times. Even makes the scissor sisters version sound good! :wink:


Have you ever heard this one? This one does of course highlight one of the perils of using a backing track…


And talking about “bad floyd”, how about this one. The drummer is pretty good for his age, shame about the rest of the band!


I saw VH train-wreck Why Can’t This Be Love worse than that one time. Or not, because they had the sense that time to quit halfway through the first chorus. Depends on your point of view :smiley:

Guess now is the time to post this classic (and bless their hearts, these are kids):


Heck yeah, adjusted for age the kid blows the others out of the water!


About 10 years ago the 80s band I was in wanted to do “Final Countdown”…until we found this video. :rofl:


Hey…no fair… that was my first ever gig…I just played that on my phone and my wife just yelled from across the room…what the hell is that abomination?


Funnily enough, I just found the stems to FInal Countdown online and I’m having way too much fun detuning every track by a semitone,.


It happens to the best…

Peter Gabriel with - I think - Sting’s backing band. Insufficient rehearsal, perhaps. Excruciating “Where the f*** is one?!” for the first couple of minutes…


I always wondered why every other plugin comes with a sequencer.


I’ve heard way, way worse. I reckon a jam audience lubed with a beer or three would love it!