Bug: Surge XT window shrinking

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Here’s one for @brad: when I open Surge XT (latest version) in Cantabile (latest version), the Surge window keeps shrinking whenever I move it - makes it pretty much unusable.

Detaching the window doesn’t help; docking the window does keep the size stable, but there’s still a bit of size-flickering when I switch to the Surge tab.

Turning off Hi-DPI works around the issue, but there is still a lot of flickering when moving the Surge window. And of course turning off Hi-DPI is not something I’m happy with on my 4K display…

No such behavior in Cubase, so it looks like it’s an unfortunate interaction between Cantabile and Surge XT.

Seems similar to a thread from the past: Cherry Audio VST interface draw glitches/weird behavior

@brad: it would be great if you could address this when you find the time!



I am having the same problem. Both with Surge XT and Cherry Audio.

  • Paul

I have the same GUI scaling problems that Torsten described.
For me, Surge scales improperly only in Cantabile 4. It scales OK in C3.
Disabling Cantabile Hi-DPI mode does not help on my machine.

Maximizing the Surge window does allow usability, but repositioning the Surge window makes it shrink to an unusable size.

I also noticed that if you change Surge’s zoom level, it forgets its zoom level when you close and re-open the Surge window. Hope this helps Brad.

Thanks for reporting… I’ll look into it.

I’ve had a look at this… it seems to only misbehave when Tools -> Options -> General -> HiDPI User Interface is set to Enabled.

When it’s set to Enabled and Upscale Plugins or Disabled it works fine.

Also, right click on the plugin slot, choose Compatibility Settings and make sure Upscale Plugin is enabled:

Let me know if that helps.


tried that - it does avoid the window shrinking, but now the menus (fixed and pop-up) inside Surge get completely messed up - they pop up in upscaled mode, then immediately shrink to un-scaled. And then the correlation between mouse position and selected menu item gets completely messed up. Not really usable.

And of course, the upscaled GUI looks awful and fuzzy…

For the moment I’m sticking with upscaling deactivated for Surge and docking the GUI. The GUI will still jump crazily whenever I switch to the Surge tab, but at least I can work with it somehow.

Unfortunately, issue not solved…



Note: previous experience was with HiDPI “Enabled & Upscale”; with HiDPI completely disabled, menus work. But still a lot of funkiness, whenever I open the GUI: it opens in a larger size, then snaps back to the zoom factor previously selected. Same when using it in docked mode - when I switch to the docked GUI, it blooms up, then snaps back to its previous size.

Something is still very wrong here…

And of course I don’t really want to completely disable HiDPI on my machines…

Hope there is a workaround to address this - Cubase and Reaper play much nicer with Surge XT; no problem with HiDPI mode, so there should be a way to make this work…