Blue 3 II available

Just got an e-mail:

Blue3 Version 2 is now available for download!

And yes…it’s a FREE update for all current Blue3 owners!

What’s new:
• 2 additional Rotary Speaker simulations (147 & RA200).
• 2 additional Tube Overdrive simulations.
• Way cool new UI with Perform, Edit & Cabinet pages.
• Reverb with Room Size and Pre & Post modes.
• 4 microphone setups including dynamic and condenser choices.
• 3 custom/editable Tonewheel generator sets.
• Proper Hammond Registration (inverted) keys with A# & B drawbar presets.
• VST3 support (experimental).
• Full support for Native Instruments NKS presets and controllers (only VST2).
• Also included: Spin, GG Audio’s new rotary speaker plugin
• And much more.

If you can’t tell, we listened to all the suggestions from our users and Blue3 Version 2 is the result. It rocks!

BEFORE YOU INSTALL: If you’ve used host automation to control any parameters on Blue3, you may notice that an automation track might be mapped to an incorrect parameter. The reason for this is that version 2 has many more parameters than version 1.x and unfortunately some compatibility was lost. So, if you’re in the middle of an important production and using automation on Blue3 tracks, you should consider waiting before updating.

We’re also releasing a brand new plugin: Spin!

Spin is a rotary speaker plugin based on Blue3…basically Blue3’s Leslie simulation without the B3. Spin is FREE for Blue3 owners…just download and register with your Blue3 license code.

Spin is also available for purchase for guitar players, producers or anyone else who doesn’t need an organ. (but really, who doesn’t need an organ?)

Thank you so much for all your kind words about Blue3 over the past year. Your encouragement made this all possible.

Please spread the word among your friends and especially online.

Rock on!

GG Audio

PS - A HUGE thank you to all the beta testers who gave of their time, thoughts and artistry. You guys are awesome!


I’ve been using the beta for a while and really really like it. A big improvement over v1.x.

I’ve also tried VB3-II and T-Racks5 Leslie and both are very good as well. My favorite combination is the Direct output from Blue3 (v2) into the T-Racks5 Leslie.

I’m not trying to restart any debates, and everyone has their (equally valid) opinions, so all I’ll say is that the new version of Blue3 deserves a listen.


Just played a bit with v2 - many improvements, I’ll have to investigate further.
First impression: A very nice organ just got better.

Quite a difference. It has taken about an hour to run through it and get the Leslie to my liking. I am going to try the IK Leslie with it, just because, when I get some time later. Overall, on 1st impression, I like it. The harshness is controlled now, and there are 4 kinds of distortion to choose from. I don’t hear much difference between the 122 and 147 cabinets, but I haven’t tested it thru speakers yet. The great thing about this is the upgrade is FREE for current users! Thanks Ray !! I am going to give this beast a proper Corky workout and get back with what I find. You da man Ray !!




How did you become a beta tester? :wink:

Quite innocently! No inside track! I was a happy owner of version 1 and when Ray sent an email asking for volunteers who were willing to try the new version and give honest and constructive feedback, I responded and was pleasantly surprised.

I was impressed enough to make it my goto B3 emulator, even in our shows. (I’m just a part time hobbyist in a cover band though, so the risk was minimal.)

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Cool! Will be checking it out tomorrow…

This is really a nice upgrade. Impressed with the Leslie as well. As usual, I had to set the leslie close to my taste, and it was easy to do. And, another usual, many of the “contribution” presets in Blue 3, and VB3 II, and B5 are pure crap (just like many amp sim presets). Sorry, not demeaning all of them, but many of them missed the target (nice way of saying they sucked). That said, I spent about 2 hours running Blue 3 against Blue 3 + IK Leslie. VERY NICE !! The IK adds a lot of warmth and the “woody” sound is more robust than the Blue3 Leslie.sound. However, I have discovered the Blue3 Leslie is equal to IK on many of the more mellow settings. Many more hours of experimentation ahead. Laundry may have to wait. :grin:


Corky, my personal opinions - in particular about the Leslie - are very similar.

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Hmmmm - nice upgrade! I like the alternative amp voicings A & B - far less harshness; I’m starting to really like this beast!

Just one thing: the previous version of Blue3 seems to have applied pseudo-preset-logic, whilst the new one exposes its MIDI presets to Cantabile. Unfortunately, this means that I’ll have to replicate that folder on each of my Cantabile machines to keep them in sync - a bit of a nuisance.

Interesting fact: I opened my old “Blue3” rack, which now automatically loads V2 - and suddenly my old pseudo-presets are used instead of the MIDI presets. There seems to be a flag inside a rack file that sets Cantabile’s behavior regarding presets. @brad: which is it? I’d like to use that on a number of other instruments as well…

Or is there any foreseeable progress on my favorite feature request?



So far I concur! Vast improvements all around, especially the Leslie. But, it doesn’t sound as good as I’m pretty sure a Blue3/IK Leslie combo is going to. I have a feeling that is going to be the WIN!!! combo right there.

Not yet, but hopefully soon. Currently knee deep in some work on GuiKit trying to get it running on OSX again… but after that this is high on the list.

OK, happy to wait a bit. But can you enlighten me on what in a rack file makes Blue 3 V2 work with pseudo-presets? Maybe I can convince some other plugins of collaborating as well by fiddling with the rack file…



I agree also. I spent a half hour testing presets I created with the previous Blue3 with the IK Leslie. I did listen to the Blue2 Leslie on several presets I created in the last version but then went direct to the IK Leslie and thought it sounded very good, especially for rock stuff (Santana, Petty, ABB). I guess what I’m saying is when you dial in more drive in Blue3 (leaving IK Leslie where it is (2 oclock drive and volume on 122/147)
it sounds great.

The interface and controls are much improved.

Hey @Torsten,

I don’t know why I didn’t think to mentioned this before, but just rememberd something that might help you in the meantime. Take a look at Compatibility.ini in the same folder as Cantabile.exe. There’s a flag you can set there to force certain plugins to always use Pseudo Presets. You can pick up the plugin ID for Blue II from the plugins.json file in Cantabile’s settings folder.

Disclaimer: not sure what the implications are for saved songs if you start flipping this bit. Make sure you back up anything important before playing with.


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Ahaaaa - great info. I’ll give this a try for some of my messier candidates :wink:



Will be using Blue3 v2 tonight on several songs. I am really impressed with this new version. However, I will be using Blue3’s resident rotary. Very much digging the sounds I am dialing in.

Has anyone tried the RA200 cabinet? It’s a unique take on a rotary speaker with 3 spinning treble speakers and 2-15" woofers.


Let us know how it works out!

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First gig with Blue V2. I substituted it in 8 songs that had either VB3 v1.4 or B5 V2 or Blue3 V1. Understand, I worked very hard to get the sounds I wanted on these songs, and have been hearing those sounds thru many gigs. Very impressed, although I needed more time to tweak it. It cut thru very well, as did V1. The rotary sounded great. I am starting to really like it. The B5 songs I replaced were not as impressive, but I have recently discovered some settings in Blue3 that may come very close. The Blue3 V1 songs I replaced are now permanently saved in V2. I have had a long relationship with Vb3. Much longer than my 1st marriage, and all my girlfriends. :yum: So, it is very special to me. There are settings I am not quite willing to part with. I did however, replace other less desirable VB3 settings and Blue3 has won the positions. Out of the 8 songs, Blue3 is permanent in 5.
My next round of gigs start in 4 days. I plan to expose Blue3 + IK Leslie to the test at that time.


So I have recently purchased VB3 II. Is Blue3 actually going to make a difference? VB3 II is close and Nord is way too expensive. I will download and try the demo (if there is one) next weekend. Any actual previous hammond users out there with an opinion? (and not a hammond M/L series player).

Much appreciated.