Bindings - Controller Gain Options

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Could someone either give me a brief explanation of what the options are on this screen, or point me to the place in the docs where it is explained.

I’m at a loss as to what is going on here.



Right here!

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Good OP question - that link does not really explain those settings in the picture provided though:

Encoding- what do these various settings mean?
Target Value Range? Does this set the physical limits of a slider bar or the actualy audio dB, or both?

And what is the relationship of the settings in the top box to the settings in the two bottom boxes? I could find no in-depth explanation of this in the manual (may have missed it??)

I think Source Controller Range is okay to understand (assuming it is directly related to a midi CC controller pedal)

Target Variable Range works like this. It comes up to the current default curve set in options when you first start it and then you can adjust how much you want to affect just that gain slider on that particular slot you targeted in the binding. The audio db is not referred to in this case just the slider. So I could for instance have the controller slider at full but only turn the slot gain slider to a set amount.

These refer to the type of controller used, the absolute is for sliders or rotary types that have 128 steps, the absolute w/ jump prevention is for the same type but includes jump prevention for smooth catching of the target slider when the controller slider is in a different starting position. The relative modes and their corresponding adjustments are for rotary encoders that do not have 128 steps so they can be customized to use with the sliders in Cantabile slots. The relationship between the top and bottom box should now be clearer I hope.

As far as I know this is a basic explanation but it might help if @brad had any corrections or additions to pipe in.


As always Dave, a great explanation thanks!!


Dave’s answer is correct, but I should update the docs.

How did you even find this “Controller Range” box? I have been trying to limit the drive gain on B4 to a max value of 80 with no luck at all, even tho the midi monitor panel tells me it IS doing it!

You can open this dialog when you are on the Bindings tab and click in the Value row.