Bass Pedal plugin from Cherry Audio - Lowdown

Hi All,

For Bass Pedal users there is a new actor out there now from Cherry Audio. I liked the demo so far, interested to see if others like it.



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Hi Dave
I tried it a few minutes ago and I must say that I like it very much.
I’d like to give my small contribution, very simple, based on my personal sensibility.
I tried different sounds and I focused on Sub2, it has a good depth that suits my settings. I tried it instead of the B-3X pedalboard and everything changes, it’s a whole different story.

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I have been blending in some Diva Synth Bass with some B-3X patches that use the pedal octaves for a while now. This sounds excellent for that task too and it has that instant Taurus tone connection in the patches. I like it …

The Sub 2 has a strong, very clean tone and I like it for that. I am also curious to hear Diva’s Synth Bass. I should try the Demo, listen to the Taurus tone and see the differences.

Cherry Audio plugs are very good. Been using them very often lately, as my repertoire expands.


Ooh! As a devotee (and owner) of Taurus, this makes for a good live sub.

I have recently tried the Elka-X and I couldn’t resist buying it. :rofl:
Some presets are really heavy on the CPU but it sounds really good.


I also listened to Elka-X some time ago and I must say that it sounds very good.
Almost, I do a one-off shopping… I’m tempted to get both…

Hi, Dave

It’s been out for a while (I am sure I posted it here…).

It is amazing, and replaces the old Taurus VST from Smart Electronix, which has always sounded great but was 32 bit only and no longer under development.

I snapped up this one immediately and got my Smart Electronix patches programmed, and they sound identical.

So it gets my vote.

Sorry Derek, I must have had a senior moment. :grin:

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Are they bundling this Taurus emulation with any other stuff?

I think we’re allowed a few… :smiley:

Here’s what I originally posted

HEY…that’s my gig!! I utilize it frequently. :older_man:


Well, then that means I highjacked Dereks’ topic and your Senior Citizen gig in one thread … I’m on a roll … :rofl:

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You may be, but I am on a biscuit. Don’t get me talking about cornbread… :grin:

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And now you have highjacked this thread … turn about is fair play. As far as your cornbread goes it made me think of chili so thanks for that, now I want both … :yum:

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What would this forum be without us hijacking a thread?

BUT, I concur…chili sounds good. Thanks to you I will thinking about it all day. :smirk:

Just to stay on topic, I will be testing a Cherry Audio plug whilst I eat chili and cornbread. :grin:

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Any idea if Lowdown would work with a Wind Synth? I depend on CC 2 (Breath) for dynamics rather than the Volume of Note On messages. Lowdown has no demo version, so I can’t tell.

Failing that, might anyone know of another Bass Pedal virtual instrument that might work with a wind synth?

Scroll to the bottom left of the product page, there’s a demo link on the purchase box.

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What an idiot!

Never saw the [Demo] link. Downloaded now and …

Lowdown works great with a Wind Synth … mapped the pedals to Breath and Elevation (the Sylphyo has an internal gyro that reports 3-axis orientation) and it is really flexible …