Automation question


Is there a way to record midi automation with C3?

I don’t know if what I do is right:
I make several bidings step by step just for automating a modwheel movment.
But the resulat is not fluid.
Is there a function doing that? Like a automatic increase or decrease function from marker A to marker B…or mesure x to mesure y?

Did you understand and have you got any ideas ?


I built a script for ReaJS to create smooth “controller ramps”, which could help you do that:

  • Insert ReaJS in your project and load the script “midi_CC_smoother” (you’ll need to put the script linked above into your ReaJS MIDI effects folder first…

  • create a MIDI route from ReaJS to your plugin

  • Set the parameters of the script to your liking. In your case, you’ll want to set the “Controller” to 1 (Mod Wheel) and keep the step increment at 1; play with the “ms per step” parameter for ramp speed

  • Use bindings to send the target value to the script - it will ramp from its current state to the target value

  • the script will use controllers sent on MIDI channel 1 as “ramp targets” and move smoothly towards them; when you send controllers on MIDI channel 2, it will immediately jump to them without smoothing. The output will always be on channel 1

  • if you control modwheel both from your keyboard AND via bindings, you’ll want to send your keyboard modwheel commands through ReaJS on channel 2 to make sure they get interpreted directly, and send your automation bindings via channel 1, so they get smoothed. This way, the script always “knows” the current state of the modwheel and where to smooth from.

Give it a try - it can be pretty useful! I use this script for smooth volume changes between song states, e.g. to smoothly fade in a string layer.

An alternative approach is to have MIDI files with fixed controller ramps in them, load them into a media player and start them via bindings. If you don’t need a variable start or target, that can work nicely for volume or controller ramps.




Thank you. I 'm going to try both.

The midi file is maybe the best way to get the right movment… cause my aim is to automate cutoff filter essentially.

But the script is intersting too for gain.


Not exactly sure if it fits but @dave_dore did some spledid jobs on CC automation. Here a link to his 1st release:
Automated Fader Rack

Afaik there were severeral advanced versions released meanwhile. Maybe useful for what you want to achieve,

Regards, Volker


I tried the midi option , working for me… but not easy…

I tried the jsrea option, works great but it’s not very easy to get precise movment.

I’ll try the last option and let you know.

Thanx a lot for your helping hand.
I really appreciate


Back to the subject.

I think a real update to C3 could be to get possibility to record directly midi automations in cantabile.

Not really happy with the way to do actually.

In fact it would be interesting to record from every mesure we need and not from the begining. The midi file obtained should start from that chosen point.

Waiting for news…