Auto advance song state on Note played (avoiding double presses), or after X beats

Hi all, thought I’d share this as I use it in all my songs, and it saves me a lot of time compared with setting up manual bindings.

This is a rack that does the following.

  1. Sets up an automatic advance to next state after a selectable number of seconds, or beats, or immediately.

  2. Sets up an automatic advance to next state when I play a specific note. This is also “debounced” which means that if I press the note twice within 0.5 seconds in my excitement then it only responds to the 1st press. I have 20 or 30 notes defined and just add new ones as new states when I need them in a song. If we ever get “bindings to chords” then I’d expect to add the chords in here to advance the state.

  3. Tells @Torsten’s Midi Alert here to pop up a message with the name of the next Song State eg “Guitar Solo”. So at a glance I can see what is coming up. More importantly the rack sets the automatically sets the background of the alert to be GREEN if the song state will auto advance without me having to do anything. AMBER if I need to do something to auto advance, and RED as a reminder if we have something important that I keep forgetting, such as an unexpected stop.

I use C3 to do lighting changes, so it is very helpful to have a song state that switches on a strobe or a blinder for example and then auto advances to the next state which switches it off again 3 beats later.

The nice big messages from MidiAlert mean I spend far less time looking at the screen, and more time playing.

It uses CCstepper to do the auto advance after x beats, and delayed bindings to do auto advance after x seconds.

The rack is simple and uses basic bindings, but happy to share if anyone wants it. It is not in the same league as some, but It does save me a lot of time when setting up songs.


Very interesting! I would have a way to go to next song state after a beat after a played note.


In my current rack, I’d have to have 2 song states to that - one to advance on the note played, and the next state to advance after 1 beat.

To combine the 2, you could build a separate “note triggered” sequence in ccstepper. Then use a source binding on your “played note” with a target to send a “start note” to CCstepper. CCStepper will then start counting when you play your desired note. Then use a CC binding on the output from ccstepper to advance to next song state on your desired beat.

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I am a bit confused why note trigger in my program is not working the only thing that can be done is sync to host…

and you have no problems with the vst?

also ‘smooth’-funktion isn’t working so i must attach a latch filter to fix this

Works fine for me. When I was using ccstepper to trigger lighting cues, I used note trigger mode not sync to host. That meant I could “reset” the sequence by sending a note off note on from a footswitch if our live tempo drifted.

Smooth also worked when I tested it. I don’t use it though.

…i would do the same but note doesn’t work …don’t know why
the problem only ocures if cantabile is in 'Sync. to Midi’
not when metronome is active.