Audio Engine configuration - can I use multiple devices?

I have an M-Audio USB Producer microphone. I would like to set that as my input device, and set the audio device on my motherboard as the output. Is this possible? All I have been able to figure out how to do is select “ASIO - M-Audio Producer USB ASIO” as the audio engine, which results in no output. Or I can select “WASAPI Out - Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)” as the audio engine, which results in no use of the microphone, but I can listen to Cantabile’s metronome.

I think the short answer is “no”, unfortunately. But, Cantabile has a lot of tricks up its sleeve so someone may have an aswer that I don’t… but, at a basic level though Windows can not share devices running ASIO drivers. That I know of.

Hi, I heard that Asio4all (free app) is allowing that.
But you will certainly have clocking issues between the devices.
Select Asio4all as Asio driver in Cantabile and enable the devices within the Asio4all config panel.

I constantly hear the story that ASIO4ALL allows multiple devices. I’ve never seen it working, or seen anyone else get it working. Plus you’ve got the problem of clocking to sort out, even if it did.

I’ve been told Voicemeeter is one way to do it, but I’ve found the latency too high to be useful. Others differ.

These days audio interfaces with lots of I/O are not so expensive (e.g. the Behringer XR18 cost me little more than 300 quid) that I see little point in chasing multiple devices.

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I think that for Asio4All to work that wy there still has to be some underlying weird setup in Windows, and afaik you can’t select one device for input and one for output- they have to mirror and both be operating as input and output together. I don’t know; I’ve never done it lol I bought that same mic and quickly realized it was kind of useless for me for the same reasons…

You might want to try jack:
It can connect to multiple devices at once so you can get input from your m audio audio driver and then output to asio4all/motherboard. Then you wire cantabile’s input and output to jack.

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Jack or VoiceMeeter are your best options here. ASIO4ALL can do it too, but I’m not sure how stable it is - personally I’ve not had much luck with it but it’s been a while since I tried it.

Thank you all for the help and information, it’s really appreciated!

I tried JACK to no avail, I also tried a couple other virtual audio cable programs. I installed ASIO4ALL for my Behringer UMC22, but I get so much line noise with that setup.

I very belatedly realized that the M-Audio Producer is in fact a full USB audio device with both input and output. When it is selected as the output device then the 3.5mm audio jack on the mic itself delivers that audio. So I have finally figured out how to use Cantabile with the M-Audio Producer and I get much cleaner sound than the UMC22.

Glad you found a solution.

For the record, here’s a video walkthrough of setting up Jack and Cantabile.