Audio Driver Preference

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I have a difference audio interface in my home studio and when I take my equipment out for gigs. It would be nice if Cantabile had a feature where you could setup a primary and a secondary audio driver. My home studio audio interface would be the primary but if I am on the road and Cantabile couldn’t find that audio interface, it would switch over to the secondary audio interface. Currently when on the road I have to start up Cantabile, have it fail because it can’t find the audio driver, switch the audio driver, exit, and restart the program. While this is doable, having an audio driver heirarchy would be a cool feature.

This is how I do it:

I have two different audio interfaces, one for home, and one for gigs. Once I got this set up, I just click on the correct icon on my desktop.

There is also this thread. It’s much more detailed and has info about setting up different keyboard controllers too:

  • Paul
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hi Paul,
in a previous thread of mine (Asio / Wasapi, configuration), I raised a problem of mine, perhaps related to my laptop, where I can’t install Asio4all.
I wanted to ask you, before reinstalling Asio, can you create, in your opinion, two connections (Asio, or Wasapi) as you suggested to avromero?

When you change the driver under audio engine, Cantabile remembers it the next time you open it. So have one configuration for Asio and one for Wasapi.

edit: you do need the driver installed before making the custom configuration.

Just a suggestion, but forget about Asio4all and Wasapi. Get an audio interface, which basically acts as an external sound card. I personally like the ones made by Roland, but I also have an M-Audio one that’s been going strong for over 10 years. It will save you many, many future headaches.

  • Paul

I don’t know him, can you give me some indication (M-Audio)?

I don’t think they make my model anymore. Like I said, it’s over 10 years old. Here are some interfaces they make now:

There are an unbelievable selection of good audio interfaces out there. I use the M-Audio at the school I teach, but for home and professional needs I like Roland. I suggest searching this forum as interfaces have been talked about a lot. Also, check out reviews on youtube for ideas.

Paul, I am not referring to physical interface, but to Asio or Wasapi system. I see on the example images in the Community that there are not only Asio or Wasapi, but others. I was what I meant.


I think if you want to use Cantabile in any sort of serious way, you’ll need an external audio interface. You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money, the M-audio interfaces above are very affordable. (Of course you can spend thousands if the mood takes you…)

For your money, you’ll get better quality audio and specialist drivers that will give you less issues than you’re having right now, in built audio devices and drivers are never particularly good.

You’ll also, with a lot of audio interfaces get the bonus of a MIDI interface.

Just my 2 cents, best of luck jumping down the Cantabile/VST rabbit hole…


Hi Pierce
Mine is not an external interface problem.
The ones I have, Fast Track Pro and Behringer, work fine.
The problems are created by Asio4all, everything crashes and I have to turn off the PC and turn it back on.
So I have to uninstall Asio4all and go back to Wasapi.
I know that for some things you need to have Asio4all and not Wasapi.
My two interfaces with Wasapi don’t give me big problems, just slightly higher latency than Asio4all.
I noticed this difference with Cantabile 2. With C3 too, but then everything crashes.

Hi Sergio,

If you have an external audio interface, you should use the drivers that are provided with that and not ASIO4ALL. For example, for the Fast Track Pro, here is a link to their drivers:

Similarly you should be able to find Behringer specific drivers from their website.

Good luck - David

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So, Sergio, I suppose the question is, why are you trying to fight with the internal soundcard on the computer, which is going to be lower quality and have less efficient drivers, if you’ve got external sound cards?

What exactly are you trying to achieve?


Exactly, Pierce.
When Asio4all is installed for some time everything works.
If I change the audio output e.g. from audio interface (amp) to headphones or vice versa, by selecting them from the appropriate screen, the system begins to throw tantrums and I can no longer hear anything.
I have to turn the PC off and on again. it is not enough to leave Cantabile and re-enter.
Boh ??
So I’m forced to use Wasapi again.
One question: what can’t Wasapi do compared to Asio4all?

hi David,
I’ll try to use Fast Track Pro.
I should reinstall it (remember it has good latency, similar to Asio4all).
I am no longer using it because I am using Behringer Uca 202 for convenience and simplicity.
It is older but works decently with Wasapi.

Not sure why you don’t just plug the headphones into your audio interface, all of them that I have ever owned have headphone outputs…

Like I said, with the hardware you’ve got there, I don’t see why you’re trying to switch audio drivers all the time…


sorry, I explained myself badly.
When I am at home I use my PC headphone.
When I use the amplifier I use the audio interface. This step is likely to be causing the problem.
In fact, I was interested in using the solution proposed here to create two connections, one when I am at home and one when I play.
This means that it is necessary to always remember the previous Cantabile configuration once the PC is turned off.

Right, I get what you’re trying to do now.

However, if I were you, I’d use the audio interface wherever you’re using Cantabile as you’re probably going to struggle getting decent results latency wise from a WASAPI driver.

Again, just my 2 cents…


Lookee here:

Create two configurations, one for home, another for on the road. Now have two shortcuts to Cantabile on your desktop and simply start the one you need. I do this all the time for my different projects (different audio interfaces, different default preloaded setlists).



This is the best solution. It seems to me too.

Somewhere in all of these loosely connected Threads, I got the impression that there is only a Laptop at the bottom of all of this. IF, this IS the case, why wouldn’t the Audio Interface be set up in Cantabile one time and used (as is the Laptop) as a portable device. Route the Laptop’s System Audio to the interface and leave it that way. Use the headphones at home and the amp away home?

I use multiple interfaces ONLY because I use multiple PCs.

Just asking’ ……

I generally use headphones at home and the amplifier outside. I’m starting to think the reason is my laptop…