Audio Driver Preference

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I’m not so sure ……

Choose the Audio Interface that you feel works the best (I’m only familiar with the Behringer).

Go to the manufacture’s site and download the most recent driver(s) for the Windows version on your laptop.

Install the driver(s) and reboot your laptop.

Connect your interface to the USB port on the laptop.

Go into the System Settings - Sound in Windows and select your interface for both RECORD & PLAYBACK.

Play an audio file on your laptop to be sure the sound is coming from the Headphone jack on the interface.

Use the Headphone jack at home and the OUTPUT jacks when you connect to the amp.

One setting fits all …. until you’re ready to go down the Cantabile rabbit hole. Then things get crazy!

Hey Doug, I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow

Hi Doug.
I have done as you suggested and everything works. My Behringer UCA202 is fine.
What I will have to do are the two connections from home and concert.
So I shouldn’t have any more problems !!!


Glad to hear this! I used to have a setup at church where I only had to take my PC (I was using a Dell tablet at the time) and connect it to my audio interface (the same model that I had at home) that I left in place and connected to the sound board. The difference for you is that you’ll be taking your laptop and interface.


I had lots of crashes with ASIO4ALL, especially the latest beta…
Another alternative is ASIO Link Pro (works on Windows 11, as well).

Thanks Jack. I currently use Wasapi, although the latency is not the same. I prefer to use Wasapi because it is not problematic for me. In the future I will see another solution.

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