Arturia V Collection 7 - $250

I see positive comments on threads here so I’m posting this 1/2 off sale on it:

I smell a new version coming up, including OB-Xa…
But it’s a good deal…

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Well thanks for that, you’ve just cost me 200 quid… :wink:


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Well that might be the two of us - I got IK Syntronik as part of a bundle, I’ve tried a few of the instruments so far. People always recommend Arturia V instead.

I don’t know if it is still available, but they gave us existing V Collection 7 owners a nice break on OB-Xa when it came out. The Collection 7 is a really, really, REALLY nice version, and the updates they made to so many of the instruments made them all the more powerful!!! (Synclavier is amazing, of course.)


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I am not a fan of Arturia (at now i own rhe CS-80V only, wich is one of my fav synth). I’d appreciate a clever splitting in the bundle: synths and the other keyboards (Piano, B3, etc.) sold separately. I heard, in my friend studio, the piano, and the Hammond. To be fair, I think these are big crap. So, why purchase a bundle containing so much bad intruments? Well, the 50% off is somewhat interesting, so I bought the full bundle. I didn’t check the other intruments, yet, expecially the OB-Xa, Modular Moog, Arp 2600 and (to me) less interesting like Prophet, SAM, MiniMoog, nor the less-than-zero-interesting Farfisa, Vox, B3, Piano, Wurly, Rhodes.

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I bought it a while ago but neither used it with my studio or my live setup.
First I had some stability problems when using it on my studio computer with Studio One as DAW.
I lost patience waitung for a reliable solution.

Some of the synths might be interesting but the GUIs waste much space for fotorealistic presentation of the instruments instead of quick workflow.
For piano, e-piano, organs there are better alternatives.

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See, the new V-Collection is here… :smile:
including OB-Xa and 3 further new synths

I must say, I really like the upgrade!

They vastly improved the Stage-73 Epiano VST (the previous one was pretty useless), which in my opinion now sounds better than the Rhodes in Addictive Keys, and comes close to Keyscape

They also improved the Jupiter-8, which indeed sounds way better in my view

I also like the new Juno-6, the Vocoder (nicely done and easy to use) and the OB-Xa.

The Emulator II for me is least useful, as we have better samplers available (but I understand Emulator is intentional lo-fi to mimic the original), and Cantabile’s Mediaplayer can be used for sample playback as well

Drat! I was going to wait until I had a gig to spend any money.


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I just bought update for new version. Stage73 is much better, but I still prefer Lounge lizards or Pianoteq. Jupiter8 is wonderful such as Emulator and OBXa.
I recently tried to use Prophet and it is really bad. Other things are known.
I think it is worth

What about the Emulator II library? I read on the Arturia product page the library is partially original, plus a dance-samples not original lib. If so, I’m not interested. I still own a couple of Emulator 4K with lots of E-mu sounds, they are highly unreliable for live, but funny to play at home. I would convert best sounds in Kontakt format, it’s a so huge work, the converter program (named Chicken Translator), only converts samples. Filters, envelopes, modulation matrix, and so on, need to be manually reprogrammed.

Since I never touched a real Emulator device, I cannot tell you.
I can only show you presets…

From everything I’ve seen, read, and heard, the Tal J-8 is a dead-on emulation of the Jupiter8. Superior to the new Arturia version. I will be getting Arturia 7 soon as I’ve been faithfully using their plugs for many years. I did purchase the Tal today (20% off) and will be comparing.

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Thanks @Corky for hinting, I wasn’t aware. Your posting came just in time as I was tempted to finally chose V Collection for Jupiter 8 even though most of their plugs do not really convince me.

The TAL really sounds nice and for the money it‘s a no-brainer. :smiley:

Regards, Volker

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Don’t worry, I found reviews and a tutorial from Arturia. The EII comes with the original factory samples and presets, needless to say there is no one of the immense third parts libraries, obviously.

I’m evaluating the demo, quite impressive at first listening.

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I bought the Tal J-8 today after only a short time on the demo. It sounds great and the intro price is perfect.

  • Paul
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