Anyone using integrated audio interface?

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Hi guys. Is there anyone using integrated audio interface of laptop in live?
which laptop do you have?
latency/buffer settings?
which interface were you using before?

Is perfectly possible on WASAPI and latency is lowest. It’s my backup in case the SC drops dead :slight_smile:
But you need a stereo 3.5 plug, so that’s only limited to 2 channels.
I have the soundcard on multiple channels plus monitors IN on the input.

I would never recommend it… but it’s doable and I’ve done it. Although as a digital output I guess there’d be no issues. But unless the integrated interface is ASIO compliant (and I’ve never seen that) latency will be pretty bad and CPU load will be as well. It can work though.

I’d say be careful as the generic audio can be poorly designed and shielded and you can get all sorts of terrible noise which is not noticeable when listening to it via the PC speakers, but amplify it through a PA…

That may vary from laptop to laptop of course.

got it, thank you. :slight_smile:

I just wanted to try to avoid using audio interface (Focusrite 6i6) in live situation or rehearsal, too many cables (I’m lazy I know).

and, I always used PC + controller (never used any workstation/stagepiano/other), but I still don’t find a way to easily mount/setup my PC + 6i6. there are only two things, but it’s frustrating. everytime I have to place them on the floor lol

The main (perhaps ONLY) good news about Windows 10 over the earlier versions is that they put quite a bit of effort this time into improving WASAPI to have near-ASIO performance and low latency. (Also, virtual headsets are now natively supported for people working with Surround audio, but that doesn’t apply to live performance at this time.)


Hi! I’m using internal soundcard with asia4all driver. Buffers is set to 256 and overall latency is. about 4ms i think.
Very usable.

kind regards

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In an emergency and a light vst load, it can work but wouldn’t recommend it. Using the internal audio processing drags the cpu’s down. Look at a affordable interface when you can. I found for specs and features the MOTU Ultralite has a lot to offer with RTL comparable to Thunderbolt over USB3…for $650. Sweet water 3 payments…

ok, so now it is clear that internal interfaces stress more CPU than external interfaces.

are powered interfaces (like 6i6) better than USB powered (like 2i2, for example) in live? does it change something (saying that I don’t need 48v…)?

I’ve never had a problem from a USB powered interface but I do feel a teeny bit more comfortable not putting that power draw on the computer. OTOH, nothing like getting to a gig and finding out you lost your wallwart.

Thatt’s what spares that live on the gig van are for… :wink:

You have a van? …


what’s a wallwart…? google translate doesn’t give me the word you meant maybe…

That’s almost as good as owning a PA system. Direct entry as a band member.

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Outgrew a car a long time ago. In Pure Floyd, I was the only bugger who worked for a living, and we were losing money on hiring vans, so I said I would get one and the band could contribute to the running costs. I was transporting everybody/everything, including drums, lights, amps, PA. So had a Renault Master LWB Hi-Top for a while. When I quit Pure Floyd I downsized to a crappy little Fiat (Fix it again tomorrow…) SKUDO, but when I joined Welsh Floyd I ended up with more lights, video kit, etc. to upsized to this Vivaro Sportive. I was lucky as I found this wonderful van, which was the show van from a company that did van modifications. It’s immaculate and nicely kitted out (but long story on insuring it!), only a 2 Litre engine but goes like the clappers for a van, and handles pretty well for a van.

It also serves as our second transport! I cycle to work most days, apart from when it is pissing down, when I drive the van in. I used to have a lovely SAAB 2.8 V6 Turbo Estate (station wagon) as my car. Funnily enough I was always thinking of selling it as I was doing few miles in it after getting the first van for Pure Floyd, but the SAAB was so much fun to drive that I couldn’t part with it … until some idiot on drugs crashed into me in Cardiff in 2014 and it was written off. Instead of going out and getting a replacement, we decided to see if we could do without that car as my wife has her car and I of course have a bike and van… We could, so, I use the insurance payout on the SAAB and a work bonus to upgrade the van to this one and we upgraded my wife’s car to a fun convertible for the two of us to share (boot/trunk the size of a handbag), but not a problem as we have a van when we need to move things. You’ll be amazed at how many “friends” you never knew you had when you have a van… :wink:

I get to drive the convertible on weekends, when I’ve been a good boy! :slight_smile:

Despite being between bands at present, I know I will need the van again in future once I get back out there, and it is so handy for other things!


You can come over the water and play with me and haul my gear. Got plenty of work. :rofl::rofl:

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My rates are reasonable!

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Asio4all makes it happen. As with any hardware interface, the best drivers are low latemcy drivers. That’s why the same hardware in your computer performs so differently with these alternatives.

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Sorry- a wall wart is a power cord with the transformer in it as pictured. :wink: It used to be they covered up the other plug receptacles and made life generally suck. Now at least some of them put the “wart” in-line down the cable, and power strips are designed to accommodate them better. And they have got much smaller.