Anyone using an Arturia Keylab MKII?

Hey @Toaster - you rack works as intendend, tx for that. But I’m trying to get the buttons to change color and turn them on/off - for hte love of me I can’t get that to work. Form what I read in the arturia forums the buttons should be x12 (instead of the 70 for pad 1 in your rack) and up. Tried lots of things but no luck. Did you by any chance get that working?

Or by any chance do you have the second page of that Arturia document you posted?

Ha! Some experimenting helped. Button 1 is x22; it moves upward from there so button 9 is 2A!

I finally got something done that I had wanted for over a year. Thought I’d share (example rack can be downloaded at bottom of this post).

I use my own Topiary plugins a lot. These plugins have 8 “variations” (which might refer to 8 variations on a drum track in Topiary Beatz, * different “mix” settings in Topiary Presetz or 8 different types of melodic (midi) patterns that track what is being played on the keyboard in Topiary Riffz). You can see those buttons top/right in the image below. They behave like a group of radio buttons - if I hit button one, variation 1 is selected and all other variations are deselected. If I then call up variation 2, variation 1 gets deselected. In the image below you’ll see variation 1 selected.

I have been using the buttons on a Keylab88 and a KeyLab MKII 61 to call up those variations. Works great. BUT - on a dark stage it it hard to see those buttons, and as a group of course, the KeyLab does not (cannot) know that I want them to behave as radio buttons.

On a side note, I use button 9 as a sort of “get me home” button and it calls up a standard piano patch - it’s a shortcut to my bread&butter-goes-with-anything sound. Ideally I want that button to be illuminated at all times. Keylab can’t do that - it’s either a toggle button (on/off) or a latch (that is, lit up on only and as long as you press it).

The rack attached does the following:

  • Buttons 1-8 behave as radio buttons as a group.
  • Selected button is bright white.
  • So I can easily find the other buttons on a dark stage, when they are off, they are dark blue - so I can still see them.
  • My Home button (#9) is bright red, and always on so easy to find in total darkness.

Here’s what that looks like with button 6 selected (bright white) - works great on a dark stage!

Want to see how that is done, feel free to dissect the rack attached.

Keylab mkII Topiary radiobuttons.cantabileRack (511.7 KB) .

Thx to @Toaster for getting me on the right track!

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Hi Tom,

Sorry, just seen these posts! Glad you got it sorted!

I’ve not finished mine yet, as it goes, so I may well pinch your rack…



Go ahead and pinch!

keylab2controls.cantabileRack (981.6 KB)

This is my rack.
you have to create “OUT: external keylab”

Hi - apologies for digging this thread up, but it’s got me so close to doing what I want, but I think I’m missing a fundamental bit of information/setting.

I’m trying to use the Piano/Elec Piano/Organ… buttons to trigger specific song states, and the radio button rack above has helped me get on the right track (thanks @Tom_Tollenaere) .

However, I’m also trying to relay the state information to the Keylab’s Display, which I kind of got to work through the use of the rack from @oktogon

Trouble is, I can only control what’s on the display in analogLab or DAW modes, and I’ve only got the buttons to work in User mode (they seem non functional in DAW, and all the same CC in analogLab). In User mode the display just wants to show what buttons you’ve pressed.

I’m on the latest firmware downloaded from the Arturia website. Is there something I’m missing? Selecting a specific DAW mode? User mode? So close!