Anyone using an Arturia Keylab MKII?

Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone is using a Keylab MKII and has found any info on the sysex codes for turning the pad/button lights on and off?



Start here:

And there’s some other threads on this too.


Hi John, that’s great thanks, it’s for the mkI though, there’s lots of info for them, just not for the mkII which I have. I suppose I could try these with mine and see what it does…


IIRC it works for both.

That’s fantastci John, I’ll wrap my head around it, and let you know how I get on…



Hey @Toaster! Off topic: I’ve been considering replacing my Code 61 with the Keylab MKII. How is the action on the Keylab? I prefer synth action and have been curious. Thanks!

I found the same reference to those sysex codes on the arturia forums, but I have never been able to succesfully send those sysex codes from Cantabile to a Keylab. If anyone has an example of a binding or midi filter that actually works I’d love to see it!

Hi @Synchrony. I’ve got the 88 Key Keylab and I really like the action. It’s one of the new Fatar ones, I can’t remember the exact model off the top of my head, sorry! I couldn’t tell you what the synth action ones are like, I’m afraid, but I’ve got an MPK261 for my synth action keyboard and while the keys are very short (front to back) I really like the action on that and the pads and controllers feel really great.

Hope that helps (!?)

@Tom_Tollenaere, I got the sysex messages to work for sending text to the display but as yet, haven’t managed to get the button lights to work. I’m going to have a proper go at it this week, so I’ll let you know if I figure it out…



I really like the Keylab 61 mkii. I love the keyboard feel for playing synth parts, but it is not ideal for piano parts since it is only semi-weighted. And I love all the assignable knobs, buttons and sliders.

The only caveat I have is that I (and others) have experienced the occasional stuck notes behavior, especially when doing a lot of organ-style glissandos. There was another thread on this forum specifically discussing that, and there are a couple posts about this on Arturia’s own forum.

Thanks for the feedback! I have a light touch and play 90% synth stuff, so light is better for me. I have a Keylab Essentials 61 and I’ve enjoyed it. I’m really attracted to all of the ports on the Keylab MKII. I just might give it a try.

I like synth action too. But this one is too soft. Problem of stuck note playing organ style makes me very angry. I can sell it to everyone interested. Good price. Bag and all accessories included.

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No one interested to buy? It is a real bargain. Box and cables, sw licence, bag that I bought for it and perfectly protects.
Come on guys… Black version

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I’ve had one a while, nice feel, but stuck notes on solos/gliss probably means I won’t get another. John

I messaged you.

Hi guys,

Just got this document from Arturia about the lights and stuff. Thought some of you might find it useful, as the MKI pad light sysex would only light up the pads in full white. This gives you full control of them and all the other lights on the board (including the transport buttons)



Hey toaster, do you have working binding in a Cantabile file for me to see? I’ve never managed to do any of this. But I have not seen this document before either so I’ll play with this info - hopefully better luck this time :).

Hi Tom.

Here’s what I’ve worked out…


works perfectly, using the adresses and whatnot from the file I posted. It’ll take you some time to work out what different RGB values you need to make the various colours (unless you only want Red, Green or Blue!) but other than that, I think it’s fairly straighforward…

Let me know I can help any more.



Hi guys,

If you fancy it, here’s my rack for pad 1, with a list of states for different colours, you can create your own for the different pads just by changing the 70 in all the sysex messages for whatever pad address you want. I’ve made a rack that these individual pad racks go in (as embedded racks), so I can create a state with whichever colour combination I want selected.

I’m enjoying working this out!


Pad 1.cantabileRack (77.2 KB)

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I’m definitely playing with that tonight! Thanks so much!

I just tested my system and Keylab mkII.
With all my surprise I was not able to get only one stuck note in 3 hours of wild playing!
I have a new much more powerful notebook, so I had to install everything new: all my hosts (Reaper and Cantabile) and Arturia USB driver which is quite new.
To me this seems the most important piece of software, it was already getting better, this last one seems perfect.
Then I upgraded firmware of Keylab mkII 61 (1.2.4).
Now everything seems extremely solid, I tried in every way to make my system fail: no way.
C3 version is the last stable known (3653): it drove Zenology Pro and Sampletank 4: no problem!
I am so happy!!!