Any prog keyboard players care to share?

Be good to hear how many other progressive rock players are using Cantabile, and any links to your music would be good to hear.

Here’s a link to my very first live song using Cantabile:


I haven´t done my first live song with cantabile yet!!

my firts shows will be next month in Aisles Mexico mini tour!!

Then i will post some videos!


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Very nice !! Although I am not a progger, I did some years ago and really enjoyed it. I really like the fact that people are so willing to share their talent and knowledge in this forum. It is also great to see Cantabile in action from so many areas.



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Here’s another prog head checking in. :slight_smile:

Was in PureFloyd/Welsh Floyd for 8 years. Used Cantabile for running the backing tracks, triggering the DMX lightshow (using DXMIS and its VST plugin) and triggering the video laptop to start in sync. In Pure Floyd I ran NI B4II in Cantabile on top, but in Welsh Floyd I was using the Kronos CX-3 engine.

Have left Welsh Floyd to focus on my own stuff, but it is the time of year when I would sooner be sitting outside, so I am accumulating stuff and ideas ready for the autumn and the nights drawing in!

Will be redoing my live rig to make more use of Cantabile and my VSTis. The intent is to make Cantible the heart of the rig, rather than being the end of the chain, where it currently sits in my setup. I want a flexible setup where I can mix and match what I take out.

You can check out my music demos at and let me know what you think.

Whilst I do not have the playing chops of some of the excellent folk on this forum (I came to music quite late in life), I think I do OK on structure and melody. This is all hardware synths or VSTis all recorded in Cubase, but I am looking forward to making more use of VSTis live in my next phase.

Will check out your stuff later when I am not sitting in a VERY quiet restaurant (away on business and in a restaurant full of a coach party of German mutes! - first time for everything…).

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Had a quick listen whilst sitting outside on a lovely summer evening in Bristol area, with a nice glass of Aussie red leftover from supper (hic!). From what I can hear on an iPad speaker: WOW. I need to listen to it properly on a decent sound system for a bit of depth, but I loved the feel of it.

And double wow for working with Mr Giltrap. SUPERB guitar player - yet another of our greats who is so underrated. If you mention him, most people on the streets will not have heard of him, which is a huge shame.

So what is the name of the album alluded to in the intro talk? I’m up for getting a copy.

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Wow! You play with Gordon! That is way cool. Here’s a clip from RosFest 2 years ago. This is before I made the switch to Cantabile (I was using Sonar and it just isn’t built to use live!) Not a keyboard showcase but one of my favorite songs.


Great live rendition of that track Fred. I think that was the first GH song I ever heard and it made get the album it was from.


Progster reporting for duty!! I’m the keyboard player in IQ. Here’s a clip from a gig we did a few years ago - most sounds coming via the gift of Cantabile!



That’s a great track! What are you using for piano? :wink:

@Neil_Durant great version of this classic track - one of my favourite IQ ones. I was also listening to the Road of Bones along with the new Magenta album on my road trip down the M4 today! :slight_smile:

I guess that Cantabile is great for prog as it allows us so many emulations of classic instrument inside of one box. I look at my VSTi list and think, I could never afford all of that in hardware form (and keep it running). I have just gone for the XIL-LABS PolyM whilst is on its intro offer - a bargain compared to what a real PolyMoog what cost you now. The VOX Humana patch really made me smile - I was messing with some Gary Numan tracks a few years back in a project that never came off. But the PoyM VOX Humana had me figuring out how to do “Are Frinds Electric?” again!

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I did too! I’m loving the PolyM- sounds way better than an actual PolyMoog ever would without a ton of processing. It actually has a nice CS-80 vibe. Definitely time for a Gary Numan tribute album. I’ve always wanted to cover In The Park.


That was Ivory II, German Grand I believe. But I’ve mostly moved over to the Ravenscroft piano now.


Definitely! But it also gives you the power to switch between completely different setups at the touch of a button, and easily handle constantly changing routing, zoning, controllers and all the other good stuff. Actually even if you had dozens of real vintage keyboards, you still couldn’t match Cantabile, because of that aspect.


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Yep. I had the sounds in Sonar as well. What I didn’t have was the ability to preload everything, set up all the ways of getting from sound to sound easily and have the level of control that Cantabile gives.

Great stuff guys! Love seeing Cantabile “in the wild” :slight_smile:

Some wonderful music here! Thanks to you all for sharing.

As Gordon alludes to in the pre-amble, Cantabile has allowed me to recreate some very complex arrangements, with overlapping parts and evolving layers. I can’t now imagine playing live without it! Many thanks for making it happen.

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That would be:


Hey, Fred. Is your guitarist playing a Steinberger, or similar? I have a ‘Spirit by Steinberger’ that I bought for the odd thing or two and it gets much love from visiting guitarists, though I’m not a guitarist, so they may just be being kind!

@The_Elf - thanks for the the album link. Will look into that when I get home. Should go well with the “Ravens and Lullabies” (Giltrap/O.Wakeman) that I have. :slight_smile:

That was a Carvin Alan Holdsworth model. It got replaced by a custom Steve Keahey guitar last year which I think is getting replaced by something else this year lol

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