Amplitube 5 Param not working in states

First time user here trying to get an Amplitube 5 param to respond to a state change in Cantabile.

When I look at the param list of Amplitube 5 it show 16 generic params
0 Param 1
1 Param 2

15 Param 16

I can assign any one of these to a particular control (in the Amp5 plugin) say to a level knob or stomp box on/off.

In Cantabile I created two states (A and B) and enable all 16 of these generic parameters in state behaviors. When I change one of these params I linked to an Amp5 control (pedal off/on) between states A and B no state is saved. I.E. doesn’t work.

Also as a clue suggesting there is a bug in Cantabile, the “Show Plugin Parameters” dialog box param values don’t seem to respond properly these gui knobs changes. I’ve tried this with other plugins and no problem.

I hope I’m being clear enough. I’m pretty new to all of this.

Thanks for any help or insight.

Welcome to the forum Jeff.
I am not having any problems with 5 to date. Make sure you are checking the boxes below the state window. States will not save unless you specify.

What version of Cantabile are you using…lite, solo, or performer?

Hi Corky,
Thanks for the quick response. I just purchased the performer edition. I did check the boxes below the state box (i.e. enabled each of 16 params in state behaviors). If this works for you, can you explain how you get it to work? I simply want to have a stomp box turned on in state A and off in state B. Can you verify you can do this in your Amplitube 5? That would be very helpful.

Thanks so much,


I have no problems with this in a Neural DSP guitar plugin. The vst params are explicitly laid out and link as expected. Amplitube 5 seems to do things differently.

Yes you can try, or yes, you can get it to work? :slight_smile:

Amplitube has always been a huge PITA . Neural is easy. I do have switches on my footboard activating stomps. So…yes, I do have them working. Again, AT is picky at the least. I find it easier to use bindings instead of the parameter settings. I can send you an example, but I will need to get to my rig to show you. Be patient, this will take a few. My rig is never on the internet, so I will have to transfer over to my online machine…will be back soon.

I can use midi to control Amplitube 5 no problem. I just want automate A5 using the built in parameters. This is what Cubase would use for example to automate A5. Being a programmer by trade I have a hunch there is a bug in Cantabile mapping Amplitube5’s generic assignable parameters. Of course I’m interested in workarounds to achieve the same results if need be.

My switches control parameters in Amplitube. Those parameters are the ones in Cantabile. But, I set my rig like a traditional pedal board, and switch on and off when I need to. It’s easier than switching states, because I still have to switch states as well. If I switch on/off several times, it’s easier this way, instead of constantly switching states. Understand, this is for live performance, not automating within a DAW. I have used 5 in states, but for my purposes, I go the other way. Don’t know if Cantabile has a problem with 5. BTW…are you using a rack?

Now, I do have an Amplitube rack, where I change settings with states, without using the “parameters” section. It works very well. I can switch amps, turn pedals on/off, adjust gain…whatever I need in each particular state. All I have to do is set AT settings, save as a state, reset anything, and create another state. Racks are the way to go if want to use states.

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Thank you. I really appreciate the help. Using AT5 params in a rack works as expected. I did the exact sequence of steps as before… this time using rack states instead of song states. Ultimately I believe both should work since the Neural DSP plugin param worked in both cases… but I can work with this.

What I’m trying to achieve is automated stomp box pushes based on markers I place in an added backing track. I don’t want to do all the manual foot tapping for some tunes. This is a start in getting that to work.

You can do that with the Cantabile media player. The racks can be changed at the song level, along with states. Cantabile is quite an amazing piece of software. Good luck on your venture.

Exactly what I was intending to do! :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

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BTW…since you are using Neural DSP, it is worthwhile to check out Nembrini and Mercuriall plugs (if you haven’t already), as they are also using Neural Modeling like Neural DSP. I understand Amplitube also used some of the same modeling, which makes 5 a completely different beast from 4.

That’s cool, I didn’t know they all used the same modelling technique. I can definitely tell something is better now. Will definitely check them out. I never liked amplitube up until now. It always sounded fizzy… never good to my ears. Some of the cab and stomp models in A5 are just killer. The leslie, uni-vibe and phase 90 are really good.

We’ve discussed the IK Leslie at length on my organ page. Many of us use it on several organ plugs. IK developed it with Leslie. All the stomps are now Neural Modeled…that’s why everything is sounding, and performing like the real deal. The default Amplitube page has a killer Marshall setup. Amplitube also has a modeled Kustom Amp, which I love because I used to own one. If you like the band “Boston”, AT has modeled the Rockman unit Tom Scholz developed…again, another killer.

So funny I was going to mention the Rockman model too. Yeah it’s spot on. I purchased a Quad Cortex pre-order which I’m hoping will someday get here. Amplitube 5 was supposed to tide me over till it gets here. :slight_smile: I’m thinking it’ll hold its own if not for just those mentioned.

Cantabile is supposed to drive all this instead of my old daw. I’m hoping Cantabile picks up traction and gets mainstream. The possibilities of it as a creative live control device are endless.

Good Luck on that! :rofl: My son ordered one, but has been given no date it will be available.

Very True…If you get a chance, view Terry Leigh Britton’s Youtube page. He did several Webinars, and even though I was floored with everything he did, he barely touched the surface of what Cantabile can do. @brad has given us a huge tool for live performance. Nothing like it anywhere!

I still use AT in several songs, but I have all the Nerual DSP plugs, and most of the Mercuriall and Nembrini. The Mercuriall SS-11X is my favorite toy at the moment.

So as it turns out… the problem had to do with me using Amplitube 5 as a VST2 plugin. Automation parameters do not work at all for either song states OR rack states. Using the VST3 version of Amplitube 5 seems to work as expected. I thought update this page with that information for anyone else who runs into a similar situation.


Hi Corky.
I recently took advantage of the IK offer.
I bought Amplitube and TRacks together.
The Leslie TR5 has no problems with Slow, Brake and Fast settings.
With the Leslie Amplitube I have difficulty with the settings.
I know you have had the opportunity to address this topic, but I do not know how to associate buttons for the Slow, Brake and Fast controls.
Could you explain how to do it?


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