AmpliTube 5 Error

IK Multimedia just released AmpliTube 5. Whenever I try to edit the plugin’s parameters in C3, it causes a non-recoverable error. This happens with both the VST2 and VST3 plugins.

I’ll install the Custom Shop version and see how it behaves on my system.

I have the new VST3 Amplitude 5 working on both my Surface Pro and Desktop. The standalone version has a few issues but hosting it in Cantabile and Cakewalk hasn’t been a problem for me.

Amplitube 5 and C3 work fine here.

I think this is an authorization issue. Having purchased Total Studio 2 Max less than a year ago (which includes AmpliTube 4 Max), I assumed I would get the AmpliTube 5 upgrade for free. As it turns out, IK only gave me AmpliTube 5 CS, which is the free Custom Shop version and practically useless. Although the AmpliTube 5 VSTs show in C3, I believe it is dumping because I am not authorized for the full version. That’s okay with me because I just purchased Komplete 13, which has Guitar Rig 6, a better product than AmpliTube in my opinion. Sorry to waste this space and people’s time…

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Glad you got it worked out … :slight_smile:


I only tested the AT5 VST2 64 version but it worked well in Cantabile. I tested SVX bass amps and Fender 2 guitar amps. I thought they played noticeably better. I like the UI improvements but did notice the initial load time is longer.

I did a bunch of reading online going back to October when forum moderator Peter_IK announced AT5 in the IK forum. There was also a good 60 page thread on KVR. Half the discussion is trying to figure out which version you should get. In a nutshell, all “collections” and individual amps, pedals and cabs you already have in AT4 will work in the free AT5 version (Custom Shop). Not only will they work but they are upgraded in the new version.

What you don’t get if you don’t spend money on AT5 (either $100 or $150) is a new feature called Virtual Instrument Response where they used robotics to record 143K mic positions across all their cabs so you can position the mic in front of the cabs in any position and angle. There is also some extra positioning possibility for effects such as pedals after the rack processors.

I’m going to go with the free version for the time being. The above introductory prices are $50 off until the end of the year but they always have some similar sale or better bundle later.

EDIT - I forgot to mention that I probably will buy the $150 (not SE) version because it adds two bass amps I want badly, the Aguilar DB750 and the SansAmp Bass Driver DI. The SansAmp is listed as a pedal but it’s really a preamp with some great sounds. I have a “real” one and usually play through it into bass amps, especially not so great ones I have to use at open mics and charity gigs.

I also got the Total Studio 2 Max - I paid about $70 for it because of some jam points and a big discount. All the amps it licensed work upgraded in the free AT5 CS (Custom Shop) version. One last thing - one knowledgeable poster on the KVR thread correctly pointed out that really old AT1, AT2 and AT3 amp models were not upgraded, he thought IK should give you the option to remove them.


Thank you, Doug, for the explanation of how AmpliTube 5 CS works with previously purchased AmpliTube 4 “gear”. I can run AT5CS stand-alone and can now see my AT4 amps, speakers and stomps. However, CS3 is still crashing when I double-click to edit the AT5CS plugin.

I then tried uninstalling and reinstalling AT5CS. Same result with both VST2 and VST3 plugins. It is also crashing Gig Performer, my other VST host program, so this is not a Cantabile issue. I wonder if it is related to the Windows version. I am on Windows 10 version 19042, which is the latest I believe?

My hunch is that it’s AT5 being new probably has some bug that your system is triggering. What USB audio interface are you using? You could try updating Windows 10 - I’m on 1909 myself so don’t really think that’s the issue (hard to believe but I got a message from Microsoft that support for 1909 ends this summer). I’ve had AT4 freeze up on me when running the IK Leslie along with VB3 II. After it does it you should collect the logs and send them to Brad.

After further research, it appears this is a known problem on Windows 10, perhaps related to display resolution. Here is a link to the issue on the IK forum:

I expect IK to release a fix within a few weeks.


Thanks for that link. I played it a lot today and it never crashed but yesterday it crashed when I was creating a big string of stomp boxes.

Thanks, Doug. I have a lower resolution laptop (1366x768) that AT5 won’t even start as a stand-alone app so there is definitely a display problem with the current build.

IK just released AmpliTube 5.0.1 on their Product Manager app and for download on the “My Products” page. This update fixes my issue with C3 crashing.

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I need a little help, if anyone can. I finally got time to install Amplitube 5.01 and it sounds great straight out of the box. I ran across a problem using a mouse. Whenever I click in the GUI, the mouse click shows nothing. For example…I click on a preset, nothing visually changes, but the preset does change audio wise. If I click out of the GUI, then click on a preset, it will visually change, but only that one time. Any other selections, have to be done the same way. This relates to anything in the GUI.
I notice there is a highlight around the GUI box, and when I click out of the box, the highlight goes away, and that’s when I can make a one only selection with the mouse, as the highlight returns with any click. Never had this problem on anything else. I changed the Hi-DPI settings, and enabled the GPU accelerated rendering, hoping it would change my results, but it didn’t. Any ideas are welcome.


Hi Corky,

I have a problem with DMG trak series sometimes like this and when it crops up I check for updates to WIN10 especially the Net Framework updates. Might not be it but I thought I’d mention it. Hope you get it sorted …



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Thanks Dave!!

Hi Merry Christmas!

I don’t think this is the answer to what you’re experiencing but on my dual monitor system the stupid AT5 menu drop downs appear on the other screen from where the AT5 GUI is. It took me a while to notice it because that’s the screen I run Cantabile on and my C3 theme is dark and the AT5 menu’s are dark with subdued grey/white lettering.

I would like to “chime” in :sunglasses: that I’m really enjoying playing my Strat’s bridge pickup into the British Copper AC30 with the Top Boost on with it’s Bass at 10 o’clock and Treble at 2 o’clock.

I will give it a try…thanks for the info. The factory presets are amazing, contrary to what the normal presets in plugins offer. The Strat I am using has a Humbucker on the bridge, and it definitely can light things up. I actually got a little “natural” feedback last night. Surprised me for sure.

My machines are never connected to the internet (unless I am dealing with iLok), and I have blocked Win updates. I went in last night, not remembering how I blocked updates, unblocked one source, it wouldn’t update. Tried loading the most recent net framework…computer still blocked the update.
I also use the dark theme, and it is somewhat hard to see. I just know it is difficult at best to make selections. Will have to put it off till after Christmas vittles are consumed…lol. :canned_food:

@dave_dore, or anyone else,

Hi Dave

I finally managed to upgrade windows, drivers, and net framework, but nothing changed. I also downloaded Guitar Rig, and had the same problem with it. I went through the specs, and found that Guitar Rig and Amplitube 5 requires OpenGL 2 compatible graphics adapter. I have no idea if my graphics card is compatible or not, but the latest driver is installed.

What is happening…whenever I click on anything within the GUI, nothing happens. If I close the GUI box, and open it back up, it will be highlighted on what I clicked. It would take two weeks to set parameters on one rig layout. :rofl: This happens in Cantabile, Reaper, and another vst host I never use, which leads me to believe it is the graphics card.

If you, or anyone else has other ideas, I would love to hear them.