Advance Song State from Computer Keyboard (Shortcut)


I currently use a small Rottay numeric keypad to select my songs while playing live. I have not been using song states, only because I cannot see a way to create a shortcut to advance the song state. I have instead been using the “plus” and “minus” keys to advance through songs, which… as you know… comes with issues.

I use AutoHotKey to remap as needed.

So, is there a way to map an “advance to next song state” to the computer keyboard?




Hi Rick,

Would this type of binding do what you want from the background rack? It has a learn function …




Oh! I never saw it. Very useful! :wink:


I use a programmable keypad as you can see here:

Works fine so far.



Thanks! That is exactly what I was looking for. I do have a couple of things going on in the background rack. I don’t know why I never saw the PC Keyboard binding.


I use AutoHotkeys to remap the NumPad keys. It is one of those utilities that you can write some simple macros in, or get crazy with.

Kind of like Cantabile…

Thanks gents!



Hey Rick,

Glad it helped :grinning:, Another tip is make sure the window source for the keypress is what you want, it can be app window targeted or system wide



Hi Rick;
there is a software from Cherry where you can programm the keys of the pad.
I simply put some of cantabiles default mappings (for instance “s”/ “S” for next/previous song or “t”/ “T” for next/ previous rack state, F5 for live mode a. s. o.) . With the number buttons followed by “s” you can choose the songs directly (same for rack states).