Adding an EQ to the entire mix?

Let’s say I want to just add one master EQ ( no racks - just the VST) so that all parts including Media Player are automatically routed to it.

Is there a way to do this that does not require manual changing of all the parts outputs?


Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a quick way to do this. What I do, and I know others on this forum do something similar, is instead of routing the outputs of your racks/plugins directly, to your audio device outputs, you route them to an output processing rack, which you have one instance of in every song. Inside this rack you can do whatever you like - add master output EQ, processing, compression etc, and finally route to your actual hardware outputs. I don’t have any processing in mine, but I do have an instance of TrakMeter, for precision monitoring all my output levels (as an aside, I have bindings in the rack so that I can show/hide the TrakMeter user interface, controlled from my controller keyboard). Routing all your outputs via one common output rack module like this is a useful habit to get into, even if you don’t “need” it; it then makes it very easy in the future to do whatever you like to your outputs.



Thx Neil…so essentially I need to create this and then insert into each song and manually re-direct the outputs to it. Yes? Is ther perhaps a ctrl-+ or shift+ option that I can press that will auto do this for all parts of a song? Like in Sonar I can press and hold ctrl while changing a track output and all tracks then use the same?

Yes, that’s it. If you have multiple outputs (I have four stereo outputs I send to), just edit the audio ports on your “output rack” and give them suitable names, then get into the habit always using those instead of the raw outputs.

I’ve [asked @brad] (Suggestion: Use value for all states) if he can provide this kind of function - basically a “Set this for all song states” kind of thing. But in the meantime, don’t forget that if a route always goes to a particular output for all states in your song, you can just disable state behaviour for the route’s target port, meaning you only need to point it to your output rack once, and it’ll do that for all song states - it’s no longer state dependent. No need to change the routing manually for every single state. You do however have to quickly switch through all the song states after disabling state behaviour and editing the route, so that each state picks up and stores that single value.


My “Final Master” rack has Noise gate, EQ, light compression, redirection to subs (in case required), Mono out, splits to FOH mic (sax/flute), guitar, KB house main, and monitor. I set the rack so that the song has no control over it (Rack Proprietaries under the File menu). I hardly ever change it unless the venue calls for it.

Everything goes to the Final Master rack and it does all of the “Mastering” type functions and splits everything up to various outputs.

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Oooh! I’m adding that to my master output rack! Thanks for the idea :relaxed:

I’ve made a song template with a ‘master’ rack, that I use. It has basic wiring of my audio outs and my favorite low latency gate/comp/eq. (FabFilter pro-c2, pro-q2, pro-g) I add my keyboard and foot controllers to the inputs. Makes setting up a new song a snap.

A macro to replace all of output X to all of input Y might be cool to quickly reroute and assist some users that did not consider this prior to configuring many songs.