Addictive Keys issues

Same here. Main monitor high res at 2x, secondary monitor at 1x. Works fine on both monitors.

Any chance you’ve not rebooted/logged out since you changed windows resolution settings?

Also, just tried swapping the primary monitor so main is 1x and secondary is high res - still works fine.

Here’s my results, using only my laptop’s screen - 12", 3200x1800, Windows 10 Display Preferences Scale and Layout set at 150%, Cantabile set like this (just for the test, making sure that the scaling is different):

AK DID load the preset on song startup as desired, although it didn’t show the preset’s UI until I mouse-overed the window:

The Arturia plugins looked like this with the GUI shifted downward, but the mouse-clickable areas were still where the image should be. For example. to click the down arrow in the upper right, I needed to click just under the window’s hamburger menu.

I didn’t try testing all of my plugins.

That’s interesting, @Roland_Robertson. My AK UI looks identical with these window settings. However, when first loading C3 (auto loading a song with AK) AK makes no sounds until the UI is loaded by sweeping the mouse over it. Also, when I change settings by either rack state or pseudo program (without the mouse over the UI) AK only changes a subset of the settings until I mouse over the UI again, at which point it updates the rest of them.

I’ll admit that I didn’t do a very thorough test. This was a “very late at night, lying in bed, use C3 with ASIO4ALL and the onscreen keyboard (no actual keyboards attached)” test, so there is a chance that one or more of those factors affected my results. Not to mention my state of mind! I didn’t try any rack states or program changes – just loading a specific patch in a C3 Rack as part of loading a song.

Hi @Roland_Robertson,

That seems to match what I’m seeing for AK. I’ll check out the Matrix plugins. What happens for you with reaeq?

I noticed another problem yesterday with a popup appearing the wrong position (when the second connected monitor is marked as the main display) and spent all of today trying to get my head around Window’s bizarre coordinate system again. Everytime I think I’ve got this sorted, Windows throws another curve ball. :frowning:


Thanks Microsoft:

Additional information: When I have a second monitor attached it is the low dpi monitor and I set it up as the primary. Don’t know if that would help reproduce the issue.

Oh, and that really sucks @brad. It looks like Microsoft is waving their hands in the air and saying “we can’t write code well, but that’s your problem. Deal with it.” Not cool, MS!

Hi @brad,

Not sure what you mean with your question about “reaeq”?

In any case, I don’t have any more time this week to try different scenarios. I found some settings that work “good enough” for me for now until our next show this Saturday, and “real life” (real job, family, etc) is demanding too much of my time. (Plus I don’t want to rely on a brand new experimental build without a longer testing cycle.)

The settings that are working for me are to increase the Windows 10 Display Scaling to 200%, set both Cantabile UI scalings to the same value (which I can’t remember the value I chose ATM), and turn off the Per-Window Resolution Scaling option. I still have to hover over the AK window to edit it’s settings, but that’s only a mild inconvenience.

I should be able to do additional testing next week.


Yeah I’ve tried that combination - that’s how I found this issue with popups appearing in the wrong position which I’m looking into now. But… the plugins all appear at the correct size.

Yeah it’s a bit frustrating. The docs aren’t terrible, but there’s a few missing explanations that I just can’t figure out.

Further up in this topic there is mention of the ReaEq (reaper) plugin that displays itself at 4x the normal size and I was wondering if you were getting the same issue. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to test it.


Or, “We have about 20 teams and 500 people working on stuff and we really don’t know how it all fits together. Kind of a miracle it works at all, really…”

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And…announcing Windows 11. It doesn’t fit together but somehow it works…for some anyway.

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Just to add another one to the list, VPS Avenger UI is completely blank, but only on Windows 10. On my Windows 7 machine it is fine.

Hey Guys,

There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

After really diving into this for a couple of days, things are starting to become clear. Pretty sure I’ve got a idea of what’s going on now and hope to have fixes soon. Stay tuned.



I’ve just uploaded build 3537 which I’m hoping resolves these issues. This should be considered a very experimental build because I’ve had to rework quite a few things.

At the very least the non-per-window resolution modes now work more like they did in 32xx which should provide a more robust fall back.

It seems to be working well here but there’s so many different combinations of modes, scaling, Windows, plugins, monitor arrangements etc… that it’s difficult to test every combination. Please report any problems (including screen shots where relevant).


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I have a gig tomorrow (Saturday) evening. Is it experimental enough that you would recommend I wait until Sunday to try it out?

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Yeah, probably best to be safe

(but… there’s no file format changes so you could install it to test and then roll back if you wanted to).

You are very brave my friend. :smiley:

I NEVER update anything before a gig. Been there, done that. It wasn’t pretty. Even though there is no format update, you never know what other little bug will pop up. I personally wouldn’t want to roll back to earlier version during gig. But, if you do…good luck. I would be sitting on pins and needles all night. :fearful:



I have the same situation. But I’ll be sure to test this early next week.

Have a good show! I plan to.

No gig (but practice). Going to go test this right now.

Well, it looks like most of you guys are playing to 1000+ people… I imagine a hardware issue would be much more than simply embarrassing.
I’m usually playing to 50 to 100 at a bar. Biggest stuff I do these days is 300 to 500 a couple times a year.