Add "Save Song As" to song right-click

Usually from performance to performance at church I’m building the next one sometimes off of existing songs. A set of instruments I like, hey, I’m going to start with those for this new song. I always right-click on the song expecting to see “Save Song As” but it’s not there; I have to go up to File to find that. Could this option be added to the right-click on a song directly?

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There is an easier way. Go to options tools>options. Chose “hot keys.” Click “add.” You can then set up your own short cut to do the same thing. I don’t have a mouse at the moment on this computer, so I am not sure if right click works, but there are plenty of others you can use that are just as fast. I use F10.

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Thanks, Paul. That’s good to know. I’ll do a workaround like that until the other feature makes its way in… assuming it will as it’s quite natural to right-click and perform locally-available options.

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@brad Is there a way to add a suggestion for a feature request? Every time I work on a new set I’m taking one song and saving as another, at least a couple times (i.e. I like the setup of one song, will re-use most of it in another) and each time without fail I’m just right-clicking on the song itself to Save As.

Yes yes yes please. I’ve been asking before. Simple functions can improve allot

And again a default “New Song” would be great as well! :slight_smile:


Agree. Save a default.cantabilesong and make it easy to import from the menu

Every single day that I work on Cantabile when making song sets, and sometimes multiple times per day I right-click on a song to “Save Song Copy As” but that feature isn’t there. It seems like such a simple thing to add, and that’s how you’d do “file-type” functions in pretty much any other app.

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Please @brad

Which right click menu are we talking about here - Cantabile has many.

The song list on the left,
or maybe right clicking a song, =

  • set as default song
  • save song copy as
  • etc

See my original post where I explained it: “I always right-click on the song expecting to see “Save Song As” but it’s not there; I have to go up to File to find that.”

Right-clicking on the song one would expect to have “Save Song As” and “Save Song Copy As” being those 2 commands are very song-specific, very relevant to right-clicking on a song.


I agree with you.

I’d be happy to see this option too.

Maybe in the setlist.
It could be easier to take a song, copy it to begin with from there.

Hi @Lowell

This is going to sound pedantic, but these are the kinds of things devs and UI designers think about a lot:

  • When you say right click on a song - that could mean two things, either clicking on something in a song in the song editing area of the screen. Or, it could mean clicking on a song entry in the set list.

  • The terms “Save” and “Save As” have very specific meanings in UI design and refer specifically to saving the current document (in Cantabile’s case a song or rack).

So, when I see “right click” and “save as” that sounds like your referring to right clicking on the open document… but you can’t really right click on an open song. You can right click on things in the song, but not the song itself. I can’t think of any other apps where right clicking on the document, or things in the document, provides a Save and Save As command for the document itself.

Right clicking on an song in the set list makes more sense, but in that case “Save” and “Save As” aren’t the correct terms - it should be “Create Copy” or perhaps “Duplicate”.


I could add a “Create Copy…” command to the right click menu in the set list. Would that help?


I see what you mean. So when I am working in a set list, right-clicking on the song title at the left is where I’d love to have this option. I see the songs in a set list as files, as that’s what they actually are. So right-clicking on a song “file” on the left, is where this makes sense.

“Create Copy” would work if it creates and new song file and adds it to the set list and allows us to change the name right there and then. Just like how going to File, Save Song Copy As does… it asks me for the new filename and then asks if I want this added to the current set list, which 100% of the time I do. Thanks, Brad!

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How’s this: (for the next build)


The context menus get longer and longer and longer… Especially when working with small screens this could be a problem at sometime.

If the screen is too small for a menu to fit, Windows will automatically make it scrollable.

Still, it’s a valid point. If any start becoming problematic and I’ll look into re-organizing them (eg: putting some commands in sub-menus etc…)

That is perfect, thanks so much!

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I think it 'a good!