Add "Save Song As" to song right-click


Usually from performance to performance at church I’m building the next one sometimes off of existing songs. A set of instruments I like, hey, I’m going to start with those for this new song. I always right-click on the song expecting to see “Save Song As” but it’s not there; I have to go up to File to find that. Could this option be added to the right-click on a song directly?


There is an easier way. Go to options tools>options. Chose “hot keys.” Click “add.” You can then set up your own short cut to do the same thing. I don’t have a mouse at the moment on this computer, so I am not sure if right click works, but there are plenty of others you can use that are just as fast. I use F10.

  • Paul


Thanks, Paul. That’s good to know. I’ll do a workaround like that until the other feature makes its way in… assuming it will as it’s quite natural to right-click and perform locally-available options.