Add "Save Song As" to song right-click

I see you’ve added the feature to make a copy of a song! Thanks so, so much. I’ve used it every single time I’ve had to create new sets based on existing sets!

Hi. I’m using v.4 build 4056 (november 2022) and i can’t find any “Save song as…”, nor “Save song” when right clicking on a song from the current set list. I even can’t find it in Files menu!.
This thread is from 2020 but the issue is still pending.
There is a “Create copy” but i think options should be what we users expect them to be since things like this are already a common practice for all applications.

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You need to select “song mode” by clicking in the song area, then the save as will be available in the “File” menu.

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That’s not quite intuitive. It’s the first time i come across a File menu that changes depending on where you click. I think mouse right clicking is the way to make it easy (right click menu depending on cliked area is far more intuitive).
I also think Ctlr+S should save songs instead of set lists, since editing Songs usually requires more frequent modifications and updates.


Ctrl-s does save songs if you’ve clicked in the song area of the window… It will also save a rack if you’ve got one open, and as you say, save the set list if you’ve clicked on the set list

All of these things are context sensitive in Cantabile. Just takes a little getting used to, ‘intuitive’ is a difficult word when it comes to using software, especially software as complex and capable as Cantabile is.


Actually, there’s an easy case to be made for “intuitive” controls. There are commonly-used standards for Windows apps. Cantabile isn’t intuitive when it comes to saving songs and set lists, etc. Here are some concrete examples.

  1. I have a song selected and want to save it as a new song. Right-click and there’s no Save option. There is “Create Copy” but that’s inconsistent with the File menu that has options like “Save Set List As.” This is kind of minor, but instead of “Create Copy” it should be “Save Song As” or “Save Song Copy As” to be consistent.

  2. In the scenario above, right-click allows you to save a song copy, but the File menu is actually not context sensitive. It has no options for saving songs when I’ve clicked on a song. That’s not intuitive. Furthermore, there are options for songs in the File menu, but only for opening new songs, not saving or copying songs. Why not have those options in the File menu as well, to be clear?

  3. If you wanted to save a song while making changes, in Windows apps you typically right-click on the thing on which you want to apply an action and the option is there, often along with a keyboard shortcut. Right-click a song and there’s no Save Song option. Not sure why. You have to go to the File menu and click Save… and it’s not clear what’s being saved. The Save option isn’t in a section labelled “Songs.” And underneath Save is a “Save All” option in the same section. I know from experience that saves everything, all songs, set list, etc. and I typically use that. But it wasn’t intuitive to start with.

  4. Then there’s set lists. Where do you just save the set list? There is Save All, but it seems there should be a Save Set List option. Intuitively you’d right-click on the set list heading and click Save. But there’s no such option. But if you click on the small hamburger menu on the right of the set list title, there is a Save. I’m assuming this is the “Save Set List” option. Not sure though. And then if you go to the File menu there is a “Save Set List” option.

These are the things that I think could be tweaked up quite easily to ensure that there’s more consistency and it’s more intuitive to work with, with menus that work more consistently with other Windows apps.


One more…

  1. Making a copy of a set list. I open a new set list (i.e. last Sunday’s) and I want to save it as a new set list because I often have settings and maybe even songs I want to re-use. I go to File. There’s no “Save Set List As” option. OK, so then there’s a Set List submenu. There’s no option there either. So I right-click on the set list title. No option there either. I now remember the little hamburger icon to the right of the set list title. Ahhh, there it is. I can save the set list as a new one.
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I agree c3 and 4 should be more aligned with basic windows functionality we all got used to in the years.
Brad has a brilliant programmer kinda way of thinking, so we all need to adapt to that :grin:

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