Activate binding group with a binding

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is it possible to activate/deactivate the “Akkorde”-group in bindings with another controller Binding:

I would like to activate all midi notes from "Akkorde with a single cc controller button at once during my performance.


Hi Thom,

Bindings have 3 different Routing Modes. If you have a series of Bindings triggered with the same Source event, you can set the first one to “Suppress” and it will not continue to the next Binding; the following Bindings will be suppressed. Conversely, you can set a Binding to “Continue” and the following Binding (with the same Source) will be triggered. Bindings will be triggered until one is set as “Suppress” or there are no more Bindings with the same source.

To access the Binding Routing modes, right click on the Binding. For more details, see the Cantabile Guides article on Bindings.

Thank you,

also very helpful but maybe not the solution for me.

I think I described my question too inexplicit:

The midi messages above are chords which I assigned to the bass notes I play on the RD 800 Piano.
But in the Intro of the song I would like to deactivate these chords (bindings). I am searching for a solution (binding) to switch the group (check mark in the red square) on/off when I press a button on my midi keyboard.

I am currently thinking that the “states”-feature of cantabile may solve it. I am not using states at the moment but I think i should give it a try.

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Yes. States. There are settings for how States are used. Again, see the Guides.

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Yup, definitely look at states for this. You can set “state behaviors” for routes, so they are active in one state (verse) and inactive in another (intro). Look at @brad’s videos and the guides to learn about how to use song states in general, and then select a route and look at its state behaviors; a lot is possible with this.



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