Ableton-style clip launching and MIDI sequencing coming to C3 very soon

Yes, for a few of us the wait is nearly over.
MuTools MUX v9 (the vst version of MuLab) will include a full sequencer and clip launcher.


Hi Neil, thanks for hinting. Just 2 questions:

  1. Does this mean that Mux v9 will have capabilities similar to Session View Clips in Ableton available but on VST base? This would in deed be a long time wish (at least for me).

  2. If I have a look in the thread you linked I can see it started mid 2020 (means one and a half years ago). Is there any information available if a release can be expected in near future?

Thanks and regards, Volker

Hi Volker,
I’m new to MuTools so have just been getting info mainly from the KVR forum.
Yeah, v9 has been in development for a while. It’s moving out of private pre-beta into public beta very very soon.
There is a video posted by one of the testers showing it up and running, very much like Ableton session or Bitwig clip launching .
MuLab is their modular DAW and MUX is the vst version. Up until v9 MUX didn’t include the ‘composer’ element of MuLab. But that all changes with v9. The dev says they will be virtually identical.
I’ve tried MUX v8 and it’s very good. It has a MIDI file player that has beat sync and start sync options. You can even edit the MIDI file, but not record.

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Thanks for pointing this out, @Neil - worth to have an eye on this. :+1:

Regards, Volker

The Mulab 9 beta is developing well and there is now the VST version available for testing.
@Brad I’m having problems syncing to Cantabile song position.
With Mulab set to sync to host position when I press stop in C3 Mulab jumps to a further ahead position, almost like it’s accumulating the total position.
Here’s a screen capture of the issue.
Here’s the link to a post about the issue in the Mulab beta forum:

It may well be an issue just with Mulab. There aren’t many vsts that use song position pointer. One I’ve found is Big Clock by Piz and that displays the correct song position from C3.

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Hi Neil,

To me this looks like a bug in the plugin - especially if Big Clock is showing the correct position. If you’re working with the dev team there, feel free to pass on my contact details if they want to discuss further.


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Thanks Brad.
ATM we’re looking at some debug sync info which shows what data the host is sending the VST.
C3 appears to be sending constant ‘frame position’ data and correct ‘musical position’ data. So it looks like it’s probably Mulab’s issue.
Here’s a screen grab showing the debug info whilst playing, stop and pausing C3.

Something looks off. I wonder what exactly “Frame Position” is - there’s nothing in the VST time info structure by this name. Is this VST 2 or 3 plugin?

VST 2 only.

Jo, the dev has replied about the frame position info.
He talks about ‘VstTimeInfo::samplePos in aeffect.h’

OK, looking at this a little more, this could be an issue in Cantabile. Currently Cantabile returns the current audio driver sample number for this field - so it’s ever increasing regardless of whether the transport is playing or not. ie: it’s not necessarily in sync with the musical time position.

Reading about this more, it looks like it should be the current play position in samples though… but I’m sure I remember reading in the spec before something different.

Is the plugin working correctly in other hosts?

I’ve just tried with Reaper and the ‘frame position’ follows Reaper’s position.
e.g. it goes back to zero if I move Reaper’s play position to 1:01:00

Yep, this looks like a bug… I’ll get it fixed.


I’ve made a fix for this in build 3702. @Neil interested to hear if this works better for you.

The same fix will also be included in the next v4 build.

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Just tested. It’s looking great!


Awesome! Thanks for the update.

Just giving this a bump up as Mulab 9 Plugin is in public beta and will be final soon.
Clip triggering is fast and responsive. I can happily remix short midi sequences by triggering with notes using ‘instant’ trigger mode (v9.0.32). The more traditional beat/bar sync’d triggers work perfectly too.

@brad , there is an issue that you could perhaps look at.
In Reaper, Mulab 9 Plugin will create scrollbars to allow access to its full interface. Those scrollbars never appear in C3.

I think that C3 is giving ML9P as much real estate as it wouild like, even though it is subsequently, when the titlebar of the plugin and taskbar of windows are taken into account, outside of my screen. (1920x1080)


I Might be a bit late - but have you tried Fl studio plugin performance mode in Cantabile? Sounds like what you want.

Also Akai mpc has a simlar function.