Aargh! Where is my recording?


I’ll give it a couple of days. If there’s any chance of recovering this recording, then please let me know. Failing that I’m going to have to let everyone here know what has happened and take the flak.

I have a second chance of a recording in 4 weeks’ time, so if if there’s anything I can do to increase my chances of success this time around then I’d appreciate the advice.

Thanks to everyone that’s helped out with ideas. I really do appreciate it.


You could always create an image of your whole disk for peace of mind and then try some experiments.


I think I’ve given up on ever recovering this recording, TBH.

What I have done is try on yet another PC. I created a new folder inside Google Drive and set Cantabile recording. When I stop recording a json file is created, but no wav files. When I record a second time a wav file is created.

This behaviour looks to be consistent. The failure happens the first time a recording is made into a Google Drive folder.


That’s really odd. And this machine has Google Drive syncing and active?


Yes to this last one I tested on. No to the other two - the Google Drive folders are simply left over after uninstallation. But it seems to be the same symptom whether Google Drive is installed and active or not.


Hi @The_Elf.

Seems like you might have found a bug. I’ll look into it for the next build and sorry you seem to have lost your recording :frowning:



Thanks, Brad.

It’s OK. We’re not undertaking heart-surgery after all, are we (although you would think it was, the way some people react!)? These things happen.

I truly hope it is a bug, since at least then it’s fixable! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.


Hi @The_Elf

Thanks. I think this should be fixed in latest build 3591. Interested to here if it works better for you.



Great news, mate!

TBH I won’t be chancing it by using anything other than a root folder for the next live recording, but I’ll deliberately try some tests for you and let you know what happens.


Looking good here. TBH I couldn’t recreate the problem on one of the PCs here, but on the other two I could and I now seem to get first-time recording under 3591.


I’d double check that too. Some newer versions of Windows lock down permissions on the root… you’d probably be safe in your user home directory.


Ah! Thanks for telling me. Documents folder it is, then.


Last gig recorded successfully! Phew!

Thnks for the help, and for fixing this bug.