Aargh! Where is my recording?

I recorded the gig last night. I can see a recording of 130 minutes in the pinned recording list.

I use ‘Show in Explorer’… all I find is a 1kb json file and no wav files. Please tell me I’m doing something stupid and the wav files are just a click away - or I’m in big trouble.

Well, tough to say what happened so can you give more background on

  • what is the recordings folder set to in Options?
  • what are the recording behaviors you checked off?

that’s what I’d start with, find out the default recordings folder, go to it and see what all the files are in it.


It all looks good there. Since your folder is empty save the json can you post the json for a look. Also have you tried loading the file into a media player directly from the recordings pane using the context menu choice?


Something got recorded for sure …

The option to add to Media Player isn’t showing.

Is there a media player loaded in the song? If not just add one temporarily and try it agin.

I added a Media Player. The ‘Add to Media Player’ option still doesn’t show on right-click of the ‘recording’.

The forum uploader says I’m not allowed to upload an actual json file…

no worries, you already showed it’s contents, it’s cool. Perplexing for sure. Is that a cloud drive folder you are pointed to?

It is, but it’s a real folder on the laptop.

Well, yes but could there be a permissions thing? There’s nothing to loose at this point so I would try another short recording and see if it produces a wav file and we’ll see if it fails again.

Worried about doing that, in case anything can be recovered at the moment. If this recording is lost I’m in a world of pain, with some difficult phone calls to make…

Plus the test recordings I made before the gig worked.

Understood, proceed with caution would be correct, this is probably an @brad level of advice you should seek.

OK, mate. I very much appreciate the help. If there’s ever anything I can do in return…

No problem, I hope it gets sorted, wish I knew what it was!



assuming it’s a .wav file why not simply do a “wild card” search on your hard drive? (again I’m assuming windows) so it would be *.wav in you search box…

Have done several searches, including using ‘Search Everything’ utility - nothing found.